Untold knowledge was lost when the Great Sacrifice brought upon the Era of the Bonded One. Since the time-lapse, those of like minds have sought to recover what was forgotten. Their centuries of tireless efforts have brought us to this enlightened present. Who are we to squander such a gift! Fill the libraries with knowledge and propel the next generation forward with education, philosophy, and a better life.
— Curator Agathon, son of Tavius
A comparatively young faction formed under the All Sight's watchful eye, the Unbound operate under the prosperous School of Vales in the great city Antheria. This place of higher learning serves as a major attraction, drawing the attention of philosophers, poets, and oracles to share their ideas. The quest for knowledge of a time before the Great Sacrifice captures the minds of not only the Garuthian, but the world.

The Great Library

Kept off the School of Vales’ main grounds, the Great Library is a collective of gathered knowledge covering an extensive field of topics. Admittance to the library is open for all, thanks to Curator Agathon, a devout follower of Natsuko, the Trickster. Known for his generosity, Curator Agathon is credited for a shift in the Unbound’s culture during his rise to status shortly after the faction’s inception.

However, while the library is open for all, strict rules are enforced. Damaging or removing text is forbidden, with the punishment being swift and severe. Not only do Archivists vigilantly stroll the library to provide aid or prevent wrongdoing, but powerful magic wards blanket every nook and cranny of the establishment.   Separate from the Great Library, an adjacent hall leads to the Curator’s private quarters. Here, those who have proven their worth, live while maintaining what outsiders believe are the true great secrets of Erenel and the Eras before. This secret archive seems to contradict the tenets of the Unbound but has yet to be proven. Only a limited number of Curators have ever entered the private quarters, all of which are still alive as of the year 625.   When asked about what is kept in the Curator’s quarters, a Curator simply responds, knowledge being vetted for accuracy before added to the Great Library.

More Than Scholars

As Curators guide the Unbound to a bright future and Archivists protect and spread recovered knowledge, Wayfarers serve a critical role beyond the library's walls. These well trained scholars set off on expeditions, delving into lost tombs and the far outreaches of the world. To be a Wayfarer is incredibly dangerous and often fatal. Delving into the darkness and traveling to the far corners of the world is filled with unquestionable peril.   Wayfarers are also tasked with preventing the spread of false information. This has lead to difficult decisions and bloody hands, causing some to question if the Unbound is slowly becoming a faction wrapped in secret political assassinations. Thankfully, the last Wayfarer duty helps to persuade nations to turn a blind eye. A Wayfarer must protect roadways they travel while on an expedition by relying on martial and tethering expertise.   The Kingdoms of Erenel welcome Wayfarer travel, knowing they can avoid sending their own militia to fight back roadway threats. This respect allows most Wayfarer expeditions to travel in peace across Kingdom lines. Keeping trade routes open and prosperous serves as a powerful negotiating tool.


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Founding Date
Educational, Society

Unbound Tenets

  • Unearth artifacts and forgotten knowledge of the Era(s) before.
  • Seek out experiences to propel findings—journey to distant lands in search of opportunity.
  • Knowledge must pass freely, protect the roadways allowing unhindered travel between nations.
  • Teach those around you to think for themselves. Eradicate misinformation and propaganda before it spreads.

Unbound Curator

by Gilles KEtting

Living Erenel Faction

Players in the Living Erenel D&D/MMO may join a player run Unbound faction. Check the Living Erenel: Factions article for more information on Living Erenel and Factions.   Faction Leader: Opamo
Quartermaster: Zagnut Frostberry
Emissary: Oriora Alathani
Members: Dr Minerva Dubois, Druilla Moretti, Fayra, Greg, Han-Eulhye, Yevnoriq
  Current Renown Level: 32
Faction Members: 9/13
NOT UNLOCKED Faction Ability: Freedom to Think
Once per long rest, if you fail an Intelligence, Wisdom or Charisma saving throw, you can choose to succeed instead.

Starting Equipment

When joining the Unbound Faction at level 1, the player receives the following benefits and equipment along with their classes starting equipment. A player may only join a faction if the Faction Status is Open or by recruitment from an Emissary.   Skill Proficiencies: Investigation plus one of your choice.

Tool Proficiencies: One Artisan's Tool of your choice.

Language: One standard language of your choice. Languages listed in Living Erenel: Downtime.

Starting Equipment: Travelers clothes, chosen artisan tool, quarterstaff (walking stick), 1-slot satchel, pouch with 10 gold.

Attribute Cap Increase: Your choice of +2 ability cap increase to an ability of your choice. This +2 boosts the maximum of an ability score NOT the score itself. Cap increase is a boon only provided by joining the Unbound at level one during character creation.

Faction Renown Table

Faction Renown Level Benefit Unlocked
5 Faction gains Downtime Days as if it were a player during the Weekly Update, usable by the Faction Leader. Factions are always considered Adventure Locked.
10 Gold Income. Faction earns 250 GP every Weekly Update, deposited with the Quartermaster.
20 Faction Expansion I. You may now recruit 5 more faction members to a total of 13.
30 Gold Income Increase. Faction now earns 500 GP every Weekly Update, deposited with the Quartermaster.
40 Downtime increase I. Your Faction gains one additional downtime day per Weekly Update.
50 Gold Income Increase. Faction now earns 1,000 GP every Weekly Update, deposited with the Quartermaster.
60 Faction Outpost. Your faction gains an outpost in a region of your choice. This outpost provides a stables and one +1 tool of your choice.
70 Gold Income Increase. Faction now earns 1,500 GP every Weekly Update, deposited with the Quartermaster.
80 Faction Expansion II. You may now recruit 5 more faction members, to a total of 18.
90 Gold Income Increase. Faction now earns 2,000 GP every Weekly Update, deposited with the Quartermaster.
100 Faction Ability. Every Faction member with a renown of 15 or higher gain access to their Faction ability.
110 Downtime increase II. Your Faction gains one additional downtime day per Weekly Update. (2 additional)
120 Gold Income Increase. Faction now earns 2,500 GP every Weekly Update, deposited with the Quartermaster.
130 Faction Expansion III. You may now recruit 7 more faction members, to a total of 25.
140 Gold Income Increase. Faction now earns 3,000 GP every Weekly Update, deposited with the Quartermaster.
150 Faction Stronghold Unlocks. Your faction gains a stronghold in a region of your choice. Stronghold provides a stables, armory, and three +1 tools of your choice.

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