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A cheerful race known for quick wits and fostering lifelong friendships, Softpaw are famous for a proclivity of living in the moment.
Small, tight-knit Softpaw settlements are common near enchanted woodlands on the outskirts of humanoid societies. While many Softpaw choose to live out the remainder of their days in these agricultural communities, the allure of adventure and an open road is enough to springboard the wanderer’s life. Meeting new people, discovering new lands, and always moving toward the horizon is precisely where a Softpaw wishes to be.

The Last Creation

As Al’Madoon’s self-conscious enveloped itself into the Trance: Plane of Eternal Glade, one of his final thoughts were of the race, he wished to create. A race meant to spread joy and warmth to a darkening world, what the Elves, unfortunately, had failed to realize. In this self-conscious state, Softpaw began to materialize throughout the Wyld, varying differently in appearance yet the same in spirit.   Over time, the first Softpaw came to understand how Al'Madoon, the Architect willed them into existence, forever leaving the Trance to rebuild a broken world. Passing this idea from generation to generation, the Softpaw’s spirit now helps fill the cracks left from the Great Sacrifice.

Basic Information


A wide range of appearances can be found among Softpaws, causing some to believe they shapeshift; however, this is not the case. In actuality, a Softpaw’s appearance is dependent on their personality and previous relatives born of the Trance. Like the chaotic nature of the Trance, the only real commonality of the Softpaw is their resemblance to small rodent-humanoids, including but not limited to rabbits, mice, and ferrets.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Softpaws are given a birth name by their parents, but they also take great pride in earning a nickname through revelry, academics, or other feats of strength.

Male Names. Acorn, Finn, Perrin, Reed, Soren, Tommo
Female Names. Astra, Bree, Daisy, Ivy, Moira, Verna
Surnames. Brightpearl, Cottonwood, Frostberry, Rivershine, Summerglow, Tealeaf, Twinklenose

Culture and Cultural Heritage

Many Softpaw live among other races, choosing professions that break the day to day monotony. If the work provides enjoyable conversations with various new faces, their loyal outlook and friendly demeanor offer excellent comfort. The life of a merchant fits well for Softpaw, who have decided to forgo travel as a way of life.   Softpaws do not recognize the idea of nobility in the typical sense, preferring to follow more traditional family hierarchies with matrons and patrons to guide them. This emphasis on exploration with family values enables Softpaw communities to thrive outside of the rise and fall empires, warfare, and greed.
A Softpaw reaches adulthood around the age of 20 and can live from almost 200 years before their spirit returns to the Trance.
Average Height
3ft - 4ft
Average Weight
40 - 50 pounds

Softpaw Traits

Your Softpaw character has a variety of natural abilities common with your ancestry. You will also pick one of the available sub races below.
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