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A Hyedal's epic guides their shape and form, but their creators don't share the details of the Hyedals epic with them; they only receive an imprint that guides emotions and alignment. Hyedals are often seen exploring the Realms of Remembrance in small packs of like-minded creatures with the hope of learning about their epic.
  When a story is spoken aloud filling listeners with joy, it doesn’t take long before it reaches the ears of Kav'wa, the Bard Prince. The Ancient Toad may believe the poetry, song, or story is worthy of sharing to others, and if so they will imbue the story with the Bond, turning it into an epic.   In time, when their paths inevitably cross, the Ancient Toad will excitedly share their new collection of epics with a good friend, Natsuko, the Wayfarer. When Kav'wa is done performing each epic, the two friends will pick the best of the collection using the Bond within the epic to gift it the breath of life, creating a new Hyedal with the epic’s persona.  

Home is where the Epic is

A Hyedal is born within the Trance, Plane of Dreams, their form a physical living representation of a memorable epic. Many who know the origin of Hyedals believe when a Hyedal faces Bedoma's Judgment, both Kav'wa and Natsuko have decided upon further discussion that the Hyedals epic isn’t as worthy as it once was.   An epic authored to be a comedy will guide a Hyedal to form in the Summer's Dream, while an epic filled with tragedy will push a Hyedals towards the Winter's Dream.   A Hyedal with an epic that is balanced will find themselves calling the Wyld home.

Basic Information


Fey originating from epics across Erenel, a Hyedal is an amalgamation of beast and humanoid. From the waist up, they resemble a heroic figure of an epic matching the hero's race and complexion often with minor physical changes that are representations of lessons or morals of the epic.   A Hyedal has at least four legs, from the waist down their body mirrors an animal companion which is often covered in fur, scales, chitin, or anything in-between.   While creating a Hyedal, Kav'wa accurately matches the appearance of the Hyedal to the descriptions of the actors within their epic, however Natsuko takes joy in the creative freedom of storytelling and exaggerates moments of the epic. This creates a fusion of their tenets within the Hyedal which can take form as extra legs, exaggerated humanoid traits, intense beastial features, or imagery etched onto their body.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

The deities Natsuko and Kav'wa will name a Hyedal as it materializes in the Trance. Often the name is a blend of the actors within the epic that was used to create the Hyedal. Because of this process there is no distinction between male and female names.   Names: Minsoo (Minsc + Boo), Iqcent (Iqiniq + Vincent), Lucho (Luken + Echo), Kerir (Keryth + Sir)
A Hyedal is born fully mature, and can live to be 200 years old.
Average Height
3 - 7 feet tall.
Average Weight
100 - 500 lbs.
Geographic Distribution

Hyedal Grazer

by Daniel Comerci

Hyedal Shifter

by Dean Spencer

Hyedal Traits

Your Hyedal character has a variety of natural abilities common with your ancestry. You will also pick one of the available sub races below.
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