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Alda'ceir, Grove Galleons

A sight as if I ever saw it! Alda’ceir sails aren’t blown by the wind - more like joined the wind in its flight, and the wide, angled hull skimmed across the water barely leaving a ripple in its path. I must say it was beauty embodied in the water. Stranger yet, no crew or shipwright could be seen on the deck!
Rashemi sailor
  The Elumian Forest Elves are not known for exploring Erenel, perhaps due to having their adventuring fill in the previous Era. Nevertheless, when the need arises to cross Azure Bay or The Great Divide, elegant warships known to outsiders as Alda’ceir or Grove Galleons can be seen gallivanting across the sea.   An Alda’ceir is born from the union of Grove Wardens, blessing their protectors and friends, the Elves, with safe passage to and from their destination. Typically an Alda’ceir is made of four Grove Wardens who willingly lengthen and shape their bodies while conjoining together to form the galleon. Because of this every Alda’ceir is unique in its look and given a special name by the united Grove Wardens.   An Alda’ceir needs no crew, for the Grove Wardens work together seamlessly to navigate, steer, and dock the water vessel. All that is needed is a ship captain, someone who the Grove Wardens respect, to communicate with the ship. The captain will speak directly to the Alda’ceir in normal conversation, and with a gruff echoing voice that sounds as if the galleon itself is groaning, the Alda’ceir will respond.   It is both humorous and terrifying to see an Alda’ceir refuse a passenger if they do not respect their character. The bow will shake violently, or a mast will reach down and throw them overboard. To ride aboard an Alda’ceir is to be blessed by nature. If you’re deemed unworthy, admittance will be forbidden.
The Floating Forest
An Alda'ceir can not be bought and chooses who it will allow aboard.
32 feet
150 feet
500 tons
7 knots on open waters
Complement / Crew
No crew is needed to sail an Alda'ceir
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
100 passengers comfortably


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