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Theiáfi Canyon


Theiáfi canyon is located in the South West of Authenian territory. It is a large canyon filled with a thick, toxic white mist. This mist is thanks to underground volcanic activicty and the large deposits of sulfur all throughout the canyon. There are natural hot springs and small magma-filled pits scattered throughout this canyon. The walls of this canyon are made of limestone and sandstone, giving it a rich orange colour.


It is always incredibly hot in Theiáfi Canyon, thanks to the constant volcanic activity and the hot springs. Standing in the canyon, it is impossible to tell if it is Summer or Winter.

Fauna & Flora

Fire Drakes live in the volcanic cracks of the canyon, as they can survive in the hazardous environment created by the hot springs, magma, and sulfuric mist. Drakes are small, wingless dragons that can breath fire. They are the same size as a tiger, and are completely immune to flames.   Ash Crabs are a type of crab very similar to sand crabs, only larger and grey in colour. They live in the hot springs, surviving the extreme temperature thanks to their thick shells.   Rock Ginger is a flowering plant that grows on the outskirts of Theiáfi Canyon. It has small yellow flowers and a green stalk. It grows to about one and a half meters in height. The orange roots of this plant are used in medicine and enjoyed as a spice.

Natural Resources

The large amounts of sulfur within Theiáfi Canyon are harvested by a group of highly trained mercenaries wearing protective masks so that they do not breathe in the toxic fumes. This sulfur is then sold and used in the production of gunpowder. These mercenaries also bring back small quantities of ginger, which they sell to florists and alchemists.


Theiáfi Conyon was created during the end of the Titanomachy. It was originally the site where the Olympian Gods banished the Titans to Tartarus. As the Titans struggled to escape as they were being cast into the void, their desperate yet pointless display of power damaged the foundation of the canyon, poisoning it with unstable divine energy. This energy has dissipated slightly over the thousands of years, but the area is still unsafe for most life.
Alternative Name(s)
The Bed of Tartarus
Owning Organization

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