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Wild Men

Wild Men refers to a collection of sapient beings that inhabit the darkest and remote areas of the continent's forests and mountains. They go by many names, Leshy, Verwildertmann, Woodwose, Green Men and other regional names. These have been studied by Father Legan Lefleur in his 1327 treatise: "Un Récit des Hommes Sauvages d'Eredwelt"; "An Account of the Wildmen of Eredwelt".  
"The case of the Wild Men is an interesting one. It seems that every culture of Eredwelt has a story about them. The Caerbians have the Green Man; the Pritani have the Woodwose; Thyskia (the modern day Kaiserreich) has the Verwildertmann, and the Sadki have the Leshy. The idea that all of these cultures came up with such a similar creature by chance is preposterous. The idea that this is all simple folklore is frankly quite insulting to the scientific mind. There most certainly there is a real creature that these cultures are reporting."   ~Legan Lefleur
  This quote from Father Lafleur seems to have been proved correct as during The War of Death the Kaiserriech came across tribes of wildmen living in the Dunkerwald. They initially were nervous about interacting with the Empire at large, seeming to prefer their isolation and simple life. It wasn't until one of the tribes chief Cinadhon was murdered by an unnamed Lifedrinker. This caused the Wildmen to call for war against the undead hordes. While they never joined the Empress' armies, they did play a major part in disrupting troop movement of the Enemies of the Empire. During this time there was some form of cultural exchange with the wildmen and some information was gleened about the them. Scholars were allowed to study the tribes and gathered information which will be listed here.

Basic Information


Wild men are humanoid beings that live away from the modern world. They stand taller than humans, about 7-8 feet tall and typically covered in dark brown, black, to a reddish brown, though tan and white fur has been reported in higher elevations. Their feet are larger than humans and appear like those of great apes but without the thumb toe (indicating that they live mostly on the ground). They have large, protruding noses, and large human like teeth. The chest bears some hair but the thickest hair is located on the arms, legs, head and genital area. They are very strong and have the strength of five men, being able to easily hoist a wild boar on to their shoulders. Females appear to be slightly smaller than the males with large breasts which they don't cover.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

The Wildmen seem to have stronger senses than humans. Their sense of smell is immense being able to track prey with out the use of canine companions and their eyes easily penetrate the veil of night. Another curious thing about the Wildmen is their inherent ability to control and manipulate the elements. Their weapons appear to have been grown instead of crafted, and their shamans are able to control animals, plants, and weather.
Scientific Name
Humanum Silvestris

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