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The year is 1919 of the Modern Era and the world is still reeling from the horrors and brutal nature of modern war. But, with the end of one horror, another one surfaced. A plague swept across the world as the soldiers returned home. Homes were left to ruin as their inhabitants succumbed to the plague. Whole sections of cities fell into ruin, only inhabited by the poverty stricken, and the things that go bump in the night. When a vaccine did come, only the fortunate could take it, leaving the less fortunate to die. Political factions vie for power, sometimes in brutal street brawls and interspecies tensions are on the rise, despite every species playing a part in the war.   The Order of St. Hubrecht served as Witch hunters in the 1600's after the War of Death, they hunted down magic users and monsters with little impunity. Now they are defenders of the people against the terrors of the night. but after the Great War (A war that encompassed the globe), plague swept across the world. Millions are dead. Vaccines are available if you have the money. The rich revel in their glamor and glitz and parties while the poor fight for survival. While the rich party, political turmoil has taken over. Political Parties and gangs battle over dominance in Setzen, and due to all this death the creatures of darkness have returned to cities using the abandoned districts and buildings as homes. Its up to the Hexenjager to hunt down the monsters and push back the darkness   Rats have mutated and grown to unnatural sizes, they spread the plague, and people have started blaming the Ratten (rat people) for using the plague to further their own interests, despite the plague effecting Ratten Communities the hardest