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The Kaiserreich (or simply referred to as "The Empire) is the dominant political organization of Eredwelt.


The Empire is lead by the Kaiser who is more of a figurehead now than in previous eras. This came to be after the Great War when the Kaiserreich was reformed into a Constitutional Monarchy, but due to the historical nature of the Kaiserreich the name stuck. The Treaty of Cambonne (which ended the Great War) allowed the Kaiser's family (House Drachmann) to maintain their noble titles, but stripped most of their power in the governmental procedures.   The Empire was now governed by the Bundestag, headed by the President and the Chancellor. The President was elected by the people along with the Volkermanner (Parliment) and the Chancellor was chose by the President. The Kaiser would be given a vote in the Bundestag but could easily be overturned by the Volkermanner and the Chancellor. The Kaiser would also be able to propose bills to the Bundestag.

Heilige Mit Uns (Saints With Us)

Alternative Names
The Empire

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