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House Caravielle

One of the great noble Houses of Valderia, the House is wealthy and influential, having accumulated great power through its connections with the South Wind Trading Company.   Its current patriarch is Lord Cyril Caravielle, the grandfather of the family, whose physical and mental health is currently declining due to dementia; his son Lord Jarvis Caravielle and daughter-in-law Lady Cecilia Caravielle have taken over most of the duties of running the family, which they do with laudable ambition and determination, if not a little avarice.   Their children, the twins Fabienne Caravielle and Bartimeus Caravielle have recently come of age and are now abroad on their first diplomatic missions on behalf of the House.
Geopolitical, Great house
Related Ethnicities

Associated Characters:

  Fabienne Caravielle   Bartimeus Caravielle   Tarius Belve   Alston Folkor Doublelock   Obadiah Jawbone

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