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The Torn Mountains

The Icy spires disappeared into the clouds above. No life grew on those desolate slopes. No cling trees, or resilient shrubs. Only death could be found there. It is said that the bodies of unlucky adventurers can be found mummified where they fell.


High icy spires pierce through the clouds. These eternally snow covered mountains stand fast as the southernmost range of mountains on the island of Sozar. Many small rivers find their way from the peaks of these mountains to the plains below. While it may be possible to traverse the deadly mountain passes there are no records of them ever being successfully crossed. Extreme winds howl and torment all who attempt to climb them.   These mountains are some of the most religiously important to the Snow Dwarves. Mount Frostheim which lies at the northern end of the range is the ancestral home to the dwarves first city on the continent and as an active volcano it provided heat and energy to give life to their first civilization.   A few temples have been built along the lower slopes of the mountains that are pilgrimage spots for the Snow dwarves. Other worshipers of Hood, the god of ice, also make the trip to these isolated temples. The journey is treacherous and it is not uncommon for many to perish along the way. The temples themselves have been forced to be self sufficient by tunneling into the mountains themselves and living off the caverns within the mountains.

Fauna & Flora

While pine and fir trees dot the landscape of the lower parts of the mountains it is impossible for almost any life to survive higher up on the mountains.

Natural Resources

The mountains are filled with iron, silver, gold, coal, and other metals. Most precious of all however is Fjoream .
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