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Principalities and Lordships

Princes, Lords, and Ladies Beneath the Silent Tsar

Enon is split into 2 sections called Principalities, which are then split into 3 sections called Lordships.
A Principality is ruled by a Prince and each Lordship is ruled by a Lord or Lady, then their cities are ruled by Voivode, or Governors, with towns being ran by Ealdorman and villages ran by Chieftains.


A Principality is ruled by one of two Princes in Enon who are directly underneath The Silent Tsar. A Principality covers most of Enon and is broken up into 3 Lordships. Each Principality has one capital city where the Prince and Princess reside. The Prince and Princess are rumored to be blood ties to the Silent Tsar, but that's not been confirmed. What is known is that throughout Enon's history since the Silent Tsar took power in y1 1e, The Prince and Princess have not changed. The Prince and Princess own each city within their respective borders with one being chosen as their capital.
Prince Bahram Fallah
Princess Sohelia Saharkhiz    


A Lordship is ruled by one of the 6 Lords and Ladies in Enon who are directly underneath the Prince and Princess. These positions are appointed by the Prince and Princess and are given ownership of a Lordship within the Principality. Each Lordship has one town where the Lord or Lady resides.
Lord Esmaeel Hosseini -Zilan
Lady Elahe Yekta
Lord Vyn Derna
Lady Parvanhe Merhjo
Lord Meysam Manesh
Lady Mystra Al-Shabi
Geopolitical, Principality

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