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Societal Structure

Societal Structure of Enon

  • The Silent Tsar
  • Prince and Princess
  • Lords and Ladies
  • Vityaz (Knights)
  • Chieftains
  • Watch Captains
  • Guild Masters

The Silent Tsar

Ruler of all of Enon, but doesn't directly rule. Instead, chooses to rule from the shadows, using his strange organization called The Silent Hand to enact his agenda. The Silent Tsar is not seen, not heard, only talked about in whispers for fear of drawing the ire of his Silent Hand.    

Prince and Princess

There is one Prince and one Princess in Enon, each controlling their own Principality. They've ruled their Principalities since 1y 1e when the Silent Tsar took power. Its said they're the direct offspring of the Silent Tsar, but that's not exactly confirmed.    

Lords and Ladies

The Lords and Ladies of Enon rule their respective Lordships underneath the Principalities. The Silent Tsar granting them long life, so that they may rule for 5 centuries. The Lordships are built within the Principalities, 3 to each. The Lords and Ladies of each Lordship rule as they see fit, but still falling within the High Laws of Enon, set by the Silent Tsar.    


Knights in service to a Lord or Lady, generally given land and are allowed to raise a banner and build up troops. The Vityaz ride into battle carrying a special banner, one that shows their noble house within their Lord's or Ladies' crest.    


Appointed by those above them, the Chieftains are the ones who run the towns and villages within the lands of their betters. Also, the lowest noble ranking in Enon allowed to have a Druzhina.    

Watch Captains

Appointed by the Chieftains to manage the guards of the lands of their betters. Usually entrusted with the keys to each building within the town or city.    

Guild Masters

Elected officials by those within the guild to run and manage the guild.    
Civic, Political

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