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The Lancers of Aorn


  The Lancers of Aorn are a mounted knightly order in @Westgate dedicated to the protection of the Crown. They rarely act as regular cavalry, instead often taking the role of elite shock troops. They revel in the glory of frontal combat, and almost never attempt to outflank a foe even if that foe is far superior. The Lancers currently number about 1,500.   They were founded in 1231 AR, under the name "the Knights of the Crescent Moon", before being renamed after their headquarters was established in the Barony of Aorn (pronounced like "orn"). They are headed by Aragol the Red, son of Xadriam of Aorn, who moved the headquarters to the city of his birth.  


  The Lancers of Aorn have a very centralized organization which has been reformed and reorganized many times, the details of which currently stand as follows: The Lancers are headed by a man who is simply titled "Head", who oversees the affairs of the Lancers. Under him is a Council of War, which is responsible for the training and deployment of the Lancers.   At the unit level, the Lord Commander, who has a relatively small role for such an impressive name, presides over a regiment of a hundred knights, known as a Haft. The regiment is further broken down into ten Pommels of nine knights each, plus a commander known as a Green, who commands the Pommel if it needs to break off from the main formation.   Administratively, each Haft has an Accounting Officer, who is in charge of weapon and equipment accountability, and ensures that all of the Knights receive the training required to bring them up to fighting capability. The haft also has a Silver Cross, who runs the base hospital, along with ten assistants. Field hospitals are set up and managed by Brass Crosses, along with five assistants. The Silver Cross ensures that medical personnel recieve adequate training and supplies.  


  The Lancers of Aorn must handle a large amount of equipment to supply all of their personnel, and has had to standardize equipment to ensure uniform maintenance and performance. A knight's equipment is issued by the Lancers, and paid for out of a knight's wages.   An average knight's equipment is likely to be as follows: A padded shirt, trousers, and hood are worn to protect the skin from chafing caused by the suit of chainmail worn over them. Over the chainmail is worn a breastplate, pauldrons, elbow pieces, gauntlets, greaves, and sabatons. On top of all of this is worn a cloth tabbard bearing on one side the unit emblem, and on the other the personal emblem of the wearer.   For weaponry, almost anything can be seen in battle, but most commonly a shield and either sword or spear. Lances are used for mounted combat. Uncommon but not unheard of are battle axes and warhammers. The Lancers of Aorn also command small units of footmen - about 2,000 footmen and 500 archers - which are used to support the knights and fill out the ranks in battle.  


Tactics of the Lancers of Aorn tend to be quite simple. In many cases they amount to no more than throwing dense formations of knights into an enemy force, intended to disrupt formations and allow archer volleys to be more effective.   Most of the time tactics used by the Lancers tend to be using a handful of long, slender triangular formations of knights - usually about three or four at a time - to literally pierce through an enemy formation, allowing footmen to pour through the gap. Archers take advantage of the ensuing chaos as soon as friendly forces are clear of the enemy.   Such tactics were used to great effect during the Battle of Rose Pass ( when two of these formations pierced a far superior phalanx of Northreach pikemen. Footmen then briefly filled the gap, before retreating to allow the archers to loose a volley in that general direction.

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Dec 19, 2023 15:19 by Marc Zipper

Cool unit and very well designed tactics they use

Let's have fun creating the impossible, building new worlds, and all types of possibilities. Valcin
Dec 21, 2023 18:23

Thanks, I tried got remain faithful to real cavalry tactics.