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WARD has two major basis of operations for Lemuria. One of them is a carrier ship off the coast, the other is this outpost. While it might have Labs in its name, that's not all that the settlement is. The initial purpose was labratories that investigate the strange effects of the island, but it quickly became evident that there was a need for both stronger defenses and more general staff. By now, a couple of thousand people call WARD Labs home, at least temorarily.


While many of those present here are scientists or civilians, it is still a military outpost in most regards. WARD troops patrol the perimeter and help keep the peace. They might not be as talented as the Legends who make the Labs their home, but they are still an important part of keeping those living here safe. Commander Jegal Hoon seems reluctant to let these more traditionally-minded soldiers out on missions further away.


The growing population of the outpost means there is an increasing need for support functions. Wares are usually imported from the outside world, but there is still a need for mess halls that have increasingly become like restaurants and pubs. There aren't any children around and thus no schools, but the academics present still maintain educational seminar series. There is a need for hairdressers, supply requisitions that act as stores, and much more.   The outpost is roughly divided into different areas, and there are signs throughout that give directions.
  • Command is the central hub and communications section. It is also where dignitaries from various nations and organizations are greeted.
  • Cultural analysis studies the various cultures, languages, and other humanities and social sciences on Lemuria. It also has reference material to help staff better communicate with WARD members from other parts of Earth.
  • The Guard section has the purely military branch of WARD that exists for offense and defense. Not all personnel live here, but it is where supplies are kept.
  • Research and development investigates new capabilities for WARD and develops the technologies and devices that enable the rest to do their jobs. It is also the general logistics section.
  • The Residential section is the home of most of those living here and where the majority of civilian services can be found.
  • Science analysis is where artifacts are brought for more careful study than can be done in the field. It houses a wide variety of fields but is possibly the most profitable part of the organization.


The whole base was erected in less than two years, and the structure designs show how they were built in a rush. Most of them are squat buildings that were constructed from ready-made parts. Some were sent here as a flat and have hydraulics to raise themselves. Only the most important buildings are built more traditionally, and that's mostly because they are labs that might require some extra structural integrity to handle their experiments.   The designs for the buildings used here are sleek, modern, and elegant. This style is practical, but it also serves as a reminder that they are working on Earth's future. Where machinery or electronics are visible, they are made to follow this ideal of stylized geometric shapes. They are often painted in various colors that help engineers troubleshoot if needed. These details and other decorations are typically painted in WARD's blue and green.   Of course, this is Lemuria. While not common, there are still very old remnants similar to those in the nearby Silver Crescents. Most of the Lemurian artifacts here are taken from all over and brought in for analysis. Every lab exists to understand better a specific aspect of the island: from botany to history to the magical nexus energy that brought the island to Earth.


The Labs are located on the coast; if it wasn't for the drop from the cliff to the ocean is a couple of hundred meters and passes through some of the swirling purple energy that holds Lemuria aloft above the sea. Most of the settlement stretches inland from these cliffs, but it does make for an incredible view if you're standing close enough.
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Maps in WARD Labs


This map is part of events centered on a team bringing back a strange artefact from an excursion. The large stone obelisk they had found emanated a field very similar to Tania's rejuvenation technology. The effect was weak and only there while the runes along the object's sides glowed, but it was well worth investigating. But as it was brought in, legends local to Lemuria attacked, claiming that the obelisk came with dangers and that it wasn't WARD's place to deal with it. That said, once the transport reached its destination, a bomb detonated, destroying most of the obelisk.  


Soon after his arrival to Lemuria, the Pionier found himself in need of a coolant to keep his Sentinel turret stable. He had to bring a hose for the material between locations in WARD Labs while avoiding a volatile reaction with any electrical cables. In order to achieve the latter, he managed to get aid from his sister who pulled the electrical cables back. They were attacked during the procedure and would have failed if it wasn't for the unexpected support of Li.  

Points of interest

Communications Array

On the edge of a cliff, there is a large number of satellite disks and radio towers. These are in constant contact with various receivers around the planet and other WARD ships and outposts. Extremely exact GPS receivers keep track of any movement of the island in any direction — including vertically. This is also how WARD receives images of various locations, though the fields of magic frequently obscure regions warranting exploration missions.

Coolant vs Sparks

While the teams' roles on the Cool/Spark map might look very similar during the game, one team is pulling a hose for the coolant from its depot to the robotics lab, while the others are trying to connect electric wires from a generator to a building complex.


Flags have been put up to show off nations that support WARD. These flags include the playable characters' countries and a player who has elected to show their nation on their profile. In theory, WARD has nearly complete global support for its mission.

Tania's Lab

The payload endpoint for the obelisk is in the larger of Tania's labs, where she investigates anything from Lemuria that is very large and doesn't require a sterile environment. The equipment is here to do that task. Her workstation has a few personal effects lying about.

Obelisk Origins

Looking closely, the obelisk on the payload uses the same script and archetectural style as that found in Nossis, not the Silver Crescents. This means several of those native to Lemuria would know what it is.


WARD might not have an expert in robotics on par with the Pionier, but they still require some work in the area. The end location for the coolant team is the robotics lab where this work is done. Spare pieces for Defensor's armor can be seen here.


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