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Most of the lowlands were once controlled by the Anatim Empire, but the War of the Elements a century ago made the empire lose most of the island. Most of the civilization is in ruins and even those who arrived on Earth along with Lemuria don't know where all the hidden things are.   The time between the war and Lemuria's dimensional shift was characterized by increasingly dramatic earthquakes, making the idea of moving to the island less and less popular and by now, a lot of what once was is in ruins. They have joined some of the even older structures around the island — some of which are thousands of years old.


There is a small mountain range at the center of the island, running north to south. On the western side, the landscape is dry and even forms a small desert close to the mountains. The larger, eastern side of the island gets plenty of rain and a dense forest stretches along the mountains and towards the more open landscape towards the coast. Most of the old settlements are along the rivers here with the largest ones being at the very edge where the rivers turn into waterfalls that flow off of the edge.   The island itself is held aloft, roughly 100 meters from the ocean below. A lot of the terrain above has similar, though not identical, mirror topology underneath, which means some of it still descends into the water. Geological surveys by WARD shows that there are several forms of rock and ore present that don't exist on Earth. A closer investigation is to commence once the team has acquired an appropriate specialist.   Surrounding the island are constant swirls of what has become known simply as Purple Mist. These swirls of what looks like light in mist form are believed to be both what's holding the island up and also spreading the power of magic. Direct exposure to the mist has had unexpected and often fatal effects, but scientists from all sides are trying to figure out how to control the power within. Finding the crystals of condensed mist spread out across Lemuria is a key part of this.


There are a lot of dangerous plants and animals on Lemuria that aren't afraid to eat anyone who gets too close. Those who have lived here before have clearly made quite an effort to create safe zones, but resources aren't always so easily accessible.   The forest closer to the mountains is a bit more temperate than would make sense for the latitude, but the air also cools down somewhat, making it ideal for such an ecosystem. This has created a few hybrid ecosystems that don't exist anywhere else on Earth.

Localized Phenomena

There are several regions on Lemuria that seem infused with Purple Mist that dramatically change the landscape. The very northern edge around the mountains has turned into a volcanic hellscape with rivers of slow-moving lava and only charred remains of life. The air here is too toxic for any long-term settlement, but there are still ruins of those who were here before.   In a similar way, there is an area in the south from which all that heat seems to be taken. Rain here turns to snow that falls onto the frozen ground and ice lakes.   The completely different landscapes around Lemuria is one reason WARD consists of a few extraordinary individuals able to adapt rather than a large force trained in limited forms of combat.
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