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In the immediate aftermath of Lemuria's emergence, the nations of the world were in shock. Most wanted to send in armies and ended up in conflict about who would have the right to the fascinating new place. Eyes turned towards the United Nations for negotiations. A special small team under the peacekeeping forces was created to handle the situation and in turn, all member nations agreed to stay away for now.   This special team is the World Alliance Rift Defence or WARD for short. Considering the strange nature of Lemuria, it has recruited a few specialists with outstanding abilities rather than a larger number of soldiers. This also means that those individuals aren't always at home in a strict military structure and have their own agendas. Commander Jegal Hoon knows to let his agents fight the way they have to as long as they bring results.


While their leader holds the title of Commander, most of WARDs internal structure is ad-hoc depending on mission type and available staff. Anyone can be teamed up with anyone with any member designated the leader. Even teams themselves are often required to change as they deal with the various strangeness that appears on Lemuria.


Several members of the task force have never been part of anything remotely military before and as such, individual strengths are more valued than protocol. This often unnerves those who oversee operations, but they can't argue with results. While most members identify themselves in one way or another, there is no uniform. Each has their own individual dress uniform that is theoretically worn at official events, but even then some members have their own modifications.

Public Agenda

The primary mission of WARD is stated in their name: they are to defend the world against any dangers that might come out of the rift that let Lemuria appear. Their secondary objective is to identify and gather anything on the continent that might be of use for the UNs member nations. There is an ongoing political debate as to where the line is drawn between finding good opportunities and neo-colonial exploitation. Luckily, that debate is mostly handled on a political level that WARD doesn't concern itself with. They handle each new situation as needed.


WARD is self-funded thanks to the things they find on Lemuria. Rumors about them making a sizable profit is a major source of contention and a reason why there are independent treasure hunters on the island, despite international law to the contrary. Of course, there are also rumors saying that individual members of WARD gather their own riches as well, something strongly denied by everyone involved in the organisation.

Into the Breach

Founding Date
Two years ago.
Alternative Names
World Alliance Rift Defence
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Controlled Territories
Notable Members


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