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石松 (Ishimatsu) 愛佑 (Aisuke)

The ninja member of WARD is often silent on matters irrelevant to the mission at hand. He has a sturdy sense of honor, but it doesn't always align with what his superiors tell him. Thanks to his ability to strike at a distance from the shadows, he can often get what he wants without others even knowing.
Aisuke grew up as one of two children to wealthy parents, leaving him with a carefree attitude and known to be generous and kind. All was well until the day the yakuza showed up.   It turns out Aisuke's father had been part of a money-laundering scheme and the syndicate didn't take kindly to him trying to leave. Aisuke hid under a bed when the attack happened, but his parents were killed to set an example. In the aftermath, Aisuke was taken into protective custody with a family in Tokyo. His sister hadn't been home during the attack and is still missing.   His adoptive father, knowing Aisuke's background, taught the boy how to hide and defend himself. It turns out Aisuke had a lot of talent in this area and even as a teenager, he quickly learned the ways of the ninja. It was that kept who the vigilante helping the police was, but somehow the word got to Jegal Hoon. Not long after his 18th birthday and a few months after the formation of WARD, Aisuke was contacted by them and asked to join. While he was reluctant to leave, Aisuke felt obligated to help keep the world safe. After all, if the criminal world got hold of the Embershard , that would be terrifying.  


Aisuke is nothing if not agile. His every movement is a carefully coordinated dance and his kunai and other tools are just extensions of that. That said, he usually dresses in very covering clothes that help him blend in with his surroundings more effectively. A dark hoodie and loose pants provides agility, some wraps around his hands and forearms keeps the protected and gets distractions out of the way, and a mask mides his face and silenses his breath. Underneath the hood, Aisuke has short, spiky hair and and a stern look beyond his years.   In more casual situations, he might take off the mask and pull back the hoodie — presenting as himself instead of being a deadly shadow out of sight. But even then, he prefers to stay out of the spotlight.   Wherever he goes, Aisuke is armed with hidden kunai. If he seems unarmed, that just means he's hidden them well. He will also make sure to have a a way to hide himself whenever he needs to get to safety, or before striking a target.  


Aisuke is the youngest member of WARD and one of those with the better relationship with the outside world. He visits his adoptive family when he cans and has a social life back in Tokyo. He often take things very seriously, but he's also adapted to the new world the Embershard has created in a way most of he's colleagues haven't.   While Aisuke tries to be tough and hardened, he has a few buttons that ofters might intentionally or unintentionally push. For instance, he's short and quite self-concious about it.  

Moral Compass

The memories from his childhood still haunt Aisuke and he tries to defeat the evil in the world as a way of battling them. He blames his father almost as much as he blames the killers who came after them — the spirit of the law is the highest moral authority as far as he's concerned. One reason he wears a mask is to distance himself from the things he himself does in order to serve this purpose. Keeping face is important, and he can't let his methods take away from the greater goal. Honor demands he can both do good and present as well, though that's difficult sometimes. Especially when you wish you could just live your life sometime.   Aisuke might be loyal towards WARD, but he's even more loyal to his own ideas and he doesn't quite trust the organization to not be infiltrated by criminals. He has way too much corruption for that. This means he's sometimes at odds even with his own allies in attempts to keep resources out of the wrong hands.

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Towards Jegal Hoon


Jegal Hoon


Towards Aisuke



Hoon has always faced international criminals as much as he has fought warlords. Seeing Aisuke stand up to the yakuza as a kid is an inspiration to him and he considers it an honor to have recruited the young man to the team. Aisuke on his part sees someone who at least tries to achieve the right things — even if he sometimes is a bit too pragmatic about it.

Kyoto, Japan
Black, short
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
165 cm
Aligned Organization


  • Aisuke's details are indigo-colored because an alternate kanji for the first half of his name, 藍, is the name of that color.
  • All of Aisuke's weapons are ones traditionally used by actual ninjas, as far as we know.
  • The move from Kyoto to Tokyo is meant to reference Japan's modernisation from the emperor to the shogunate and later the modern democracy.

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