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Maya Catarina Romero

Very much like an outlaw of the old west, Maya is a badass gunslinger brought into modern times. She's part of the task force WARD, but old habits as an outlaw are hard to kill and some of those treasures look mighty fine.
While born in Mexico, Maya has lived a significant amount of time in Arizona, USA. Her family was poor during her childhood and she was expected to take any jobs she could. After getting robbed twice on her way back and forth to the ranch she was helping at, she decided it was time to flip the script. She used the next pay-check to get a couple of revolvers and practiced for hours each day. The next time someone tried to rob her, the roles were reversed.   During her early 20s, Maya got extremely good at this sort of thing and pulled off a heist or two of her own. She got a cartel to secure a way for her into the US in order to get more opportunities. She pulled off several big jobs before getting caught and convicted four years ago, with a long prison sentence ahead of her. Maya herself expected to escape, of course, but others assumed she would be in there for a long time. Then Lemuria appeared and WARD was formed.   Because of an encounter several years earlier, Commander Jegal Hoon was aware of Maya's skill and to many people's surprise requested her released into WARD custody as a special agent. So far, his hunch that she'd be dedicated to keeping the Embershard out of the truly wrong hands has paid off.  


Cat has very sharp features over-all and even when dressed up, she gives an impression of looking rough. Her hair is tied up in a braid to make it behave, but is otherwise covered by the brimmed hat she wears. She dresses in a duster coat over practical jeans, a blouse, sometimes combined with a vest. The back of her duster has a traditional calavera pattern, intended as a reminder to respect both living and dead. Her belt buckle says "chida" (meaning awesome).   Much of Maya's outfit is there to help her in a shootout. The hat protects from glare, her holster has a special release that allows her to draw quickly, and the duster increases the chance enemies will just hit it and not her. It is also casual enough that she expects others to not bother her about dressing "civilian" when having a whiskey.  


Maya is sharp and good at reading others. She's pulled the trigger before others draw because she can read their tells. She knows that in order to pull off a job; you need to a bit about everything, and a lot about everyone.   There is a lot of dry wit and sarcasm to Maya. She can't help but to poke fun at those she thinks take themselves too seriously. She knows morality is all gray areas, and she has absolutely no respect for authority that hasn't been earned to her personally. Actual authorities have done little to help her and her family, and she sees how easily they can be corrupted.

Mental characteristics

Gender Identity

North of Hermosillo, Mexico
Black, tied up in a braid
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
165 cm
Aligned Organization
Appears in...


  • The symbol on Maya's back is a calavera (literally "skull"), often associated with the Mexican Day of the Dead celebrations and actually shows appreciation for life more than anything else.

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