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Tania Msibi

Every solution must be entertained in order to save as many as possible from as much harm as possible. Whever her teammates are wounded, Tania is there to help them be ready again!
  Tania knew from a young age that she wanted to help those who needed it the most, and medicine was a natural fit. Not only is she a medical doctor, but she also holds a degree in bioengineering, which allowed her to develop new treatments geared towards healing wounds in a very efficient way.   In her late teens and early twenties, Tania took an interest in gymnastics and even competed locally. Eventually, her studies and research took too much of her time to continue, but the ability to do a backflip has also mean having the agility to move out of harms way.   One of Tania's particular interests has been helping those hurt by conflicts. She sought out the most dangerous war zones to heal wounds caused by anything from bullets to landmines. She's no stranger to dodging attacks to reach a patient. She hates what fighting does to people, but she can't deny that working under extreme conditions gives her a thrill.   Her expertise in handling anything that comes up, no matter how strange, is what made Jegal Hoon recruit her to WARD. If previous positions were interesting, the possibilities on Lemuria seem to have endless opportunities. Not to mention the power the Embershard unlocks!  


Tania has a large and tight-knit family back home with several brothers and sisters as well as opinionated parents and grandparents. She loves them all immensely but also finds it easier to love them from afar. Especially maternal grandmother, who always brings up the idea of settling down.  

The Rejuvination Field

Tania has experimented with various ways of aiding the rapid rejuvenation of cells to treat physical trauma soon after it happens. She developed a field that help fresh lacerations stitch themselves up, reknits subdermal tissues enough to maintain function, and reduces physical trauma. The technology is complicated to calibrate and doing so on the fly even more so.   The most effective use of this technology is the rejuvination field generator that Tania carries with her, but she has also mounted a simplified beam projector on top of her gun for targeted aid. Tania has also given Sonya a device that allows for a self-healing burst, and Verse's medical emergency protocols use a suspiciously similar design.  


Tania shows signs of having lived a rough life. She has some scars, what might have been delicate features have hardened, and her face has a few wrinkles. She wears simple clothes that allow her to move efficiently - style is great, but saving lives is more important.   When she can wear something more decorative, she likes to carry small tokens that remind her of her Zulu heritage. Johannesburg has many different ethnic groups, and it's important to her to remember how vital that can be for society to grow as a whole. If she can help preserve the vitality of Lemuria rather than becoming like the colonialist that once invaded her homeland, that's a worthy cuase.  


Tania is a very quick thinker and problem-solver. Her analytical mind has served her well in coming up with practical solutions to problems even when those are unconventional. There is nothing she wouldn't at least consider in order to help as many as possible as much as possible.   In many ways, Tania is a utilitarian. She will, to the best of her ability, follow the principles that would lead to the best total outcome for the most people, rather than lookonly to the patient in front of her. It has, however, been very useful for triage and priorities in difficult situations.   One part of her philosophy of exploring every possibility is to never judge anyone before she has seen the consequences of their actions. Sonya might appear insane to many but what she does leads to more good than harm, for instance.  


A can-do attitude is something that solves a lot of issues. Though her demeanor isn't always cheerful, she stubbornly believes nothing is impossible. She will listen to anyone providing good advice but is perfectly capable of shutting down those who don't. She will always respect someone prepared to attempt to solve an issue more than those who shy away from it.

Mental characteristics

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Towards Sonya



The two women met during a rescue operation to save a group of hostages from a terrorist cell. With one focused on taking out those who would hurt others and the other focused on treating those who had been hurt, they ended up with a deep respect for each other. Their relationship lasted for a few years until Tania had enough of how reckless Sonya was. Innocent people sometimes got hurt and she never knew if her partner would come home alive.   From the outside, the two parted on very bad terms with a lot of resentment. The fact that Sonya got Tania recruited to WARD and the offer being immediately accepted might indicate that they are ready to bury the hatchet.

Shared Secrets

The two used to be very close and know exactly what to throw in the other's face. This includes sore points, humiliating secrets, to knowledge about illegal activities.

Johannesburg, South Africa
Hazel brown
Black micro-braids, usually swept back
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Dark brown
170 cm
Aligned Organization
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  • Her line "Hosh, jy raak wys" is Afrikaans slang and translates as "greetings, show me what you're made of."
  • The pattern on Tania's clothes is inspired by details from Zulu artwork.
  • The rejuvination field seemingly interracts with the magic of Lemuria, making it even more effective.


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