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Silver Crescents

Grassland and rolling hills, dotted with beautiful old structures of white stone. With the current conflicts on the island, the otherwise peaceful area has become filled with action.


These grasslands and rolling hills extend along much of the south-eastern parts of Lemuria. The combination of relative peace and the remnants old old structures is why WARD built its first land-base here.   There are some forested areas here, but each of them is fairly small. Bushes of various kinds are all the more common and sometimes quite large. The few major rivers and the smaller streams that feed them have been supplemented with channels built by the same civilization that constructed the rest of the landmarks here. They were also the ones who built the many stone bridges across these waterways.

Natural Resources

While the well-irrigated and nutrient-rich soil would make the area fantastic for farming, it hasn't been used for that in a very long while. The true riches of the Silver Crescents stem from the knowledge and items that can be gained from the old ruins.


This area was never fully controlled by the Anatim Empire and most of the structures here predates its presence. The culture that built most of what is here was clearly very talented both engineers and artists. Everything is built to be slender and inspiring. The aesthetic favors spiraling shapes, almost like those of a conch, and curved surfaces. Sometimes it seems impossible the slender structures are still intact — othertimes it really should be as rock or two hover in the air unsupported. The building material is typically pale or white stone or marble of various colors. These pale structures with their rounded shapes have sometimes reminded people of crescent moons strewed across the grasslands, which is how the area got its name.   Like so many things on Lemuria, there have been numerous old power sources that awoke after the shift. The question is: who will get to these first. There is also another resource here that has come to light — some of the platforms that seemed like pure decoration can actually impart some of the knowledge of this lost civilization to those who meditate on them for long enough.
Alternative Name(s)
Fields of White and Green
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Ancient Knowledge

Athena managed to unlock an ancient Eshen repository of knowledge int the Memories of Light story. With the help of Valerie and Arachne, she only barely thwarted an attempt by the Deciples of Restoration from destroying the site. Players get to experience some of this as they vie for control of the Altar of Understanding.  

Points of interest

Altar of Understanding

This platform is where Athena gained insights into the nature of Lemuria. It is comvered in ancient runes and filled with magic. The secrets within will be explored towards the end of season 1.

Deciple Camps

The still mysterious Deciples of Restoration have set up several camps throughout the Crescents. Most of them are carefully hidden, but they do have some spy drones around as well as a tank intended to destroy artefacts like the Altar of Understanding.


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