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Deciples of Restoration

The arrival of unnatural place has disrupted life on Earth to the point of being unrecognisable. Its influences threatens all of humanity and what we stand for! This cannot be! We must destroy this abomination and preventr those enticed by it from overthrowing those of us who still have hope! Those who seek Restoration!


The inner circle that leads the Deciples remains secrative. The rumors online are plenty, but a few things keep resurfacing, which still might not mean they're true.
  • A member of WARD or its supervisors, which is how they know about the betrayals against Earthlings.
  • While Jenefer Carlisle's identity isn't known to most, it is obvious that an engineering genious is behiond a lot of the inventions usewd by the group. Some have theorised that it's The Pionier, but his personality makes it unlikely.
  • Someone has access to magic originating on Earth, proving that sort of power bleongs in the hand of those on the planet without meddling from the outside.

Public Agenda

On the surface, the agenda of the Desciples is very straightforward: destroy Lemuria; vanqish its influence, such as magic; and remove those who seek the island's power from society. Hoever, those in influential positions are of the opinion that that using Lemuria's power to achieve these goals is a matter of the ends justifying the means. And if they gain from this personally on the way, that's a bonus.   Since the focus of the group often is to rely on what is already availiable on Earth, its members are often outfitted with technological enhancements. Having had a chance to study defeated such cyborgs, Tania has found that the augmentation includes modifications to the brain that make the person ruthless as well as completely and irrevokably layal to the Deciples. They are intended to be cannon fodder for their leaders.


Several of the foundsers of the Deciples of Restoration are very wealthy. There are also many secret donors who don't like being associated with what is considered a terrorist group, but they also don't want to lose the power they have due to the new possibilities offered by Lemuria's appearance. As a result, the group has access to a lot of advanced technology and materials.   However, the greatest assets are the large amounts of individuals who are willling to join. They might fear the dramatic changes, believe they stand to lose a lot themselves, or something else, but they often become fanatical quickly. There is a seemingly endless stream of people willing to die for the cause of Restoration.

Restore the Earth — Restore Hope

Founding Date
Five months after Lemuria appeared.


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