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The ancient city of Nossis has been added to and remade many times, but now almost ll of it is an abandoned ruin. What was once the pride of the Anatim Empire on Lemuria, still holds a lot of powerful treasures but few who are able to defend them.


A visitor once wrote that Nossis is a city of a thousand spaces. Every few blocks there is a pavillion, small park, or grand temple. Most streets between these areas a smaller, though some larger, but winding, avenues exist.


Scattered around the city are many old artefacts capable of giving their wielder various gifts. Or just expode like a magical grenade when thrown. These are sought after by most of those on the island, either for use immediately if they're defending themselves, or stored away until later. More than one has come out of combat victorious because they found something to increase their speed at the right moment, for instace.


Once, Nossis was a glorious city in the Anatim Empire. It esablished the nations power over Lemuria and acted like a trade hub for the region. But a couple of centuries ago, attention shifted elsewhere and several sections of the city ended up abandoned and partially over-grown.   The true final blow to Nossis came with the War of the Elements a century ago. Most of what was populated at the time was damaged or destroyed, with only a small section close to the river completely intact. This section is home to the few citizens of the Empire still on Lemuria, incluiding Athena.


Buildings and public spaces are reminicent of ancient Greece or the styles present in various persian cultures. Brass domes adorn the roofs of important buildings, stone pillars hold up pavillions and arches, Older buildings were once govered in murals, but many of them have since faded or been worn away. The city consists of areas with a million nooks and passageways in an almost maze-like fashion, alternated by areas with open spaces with grand monuments and spectacular buildings. The one constant is an air of mystery and hidden power.   The most common building material in Nossis is sandstone, but it's far from the only one. Various wood structures are common, for instance. What isn't common is Earth materials as Nossis is located far from where WARD has established their first base. Whatever equipment they have here has been brought by specific expeditions.
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City of Lemuria
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