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The dominant culture of the Anatim Empire of the old world has been shaped by the ancient history of their lands. They are proud people with a strong sense of discipline.


Major language groups and dialects

Anati is the official language of the Empire, and it's spoken throughout most of the region. Frequent trade and army movements, supported by magical communication, has prevented the language from fracturing into any extreme dialects.

Art & Architecture

Good art is durable. The Empire has survived for centuries and its hard should be expected to do the same. This also means that good art is worth spending resources on as it is a gift to future generations. There are many mighty statues and complex mosaics, and beautiful metal decorations,   Architecture, by definition, is enduring art. There is always a reason to add mighty pillars or an illustrative relief. The only issue with this is that Anatimi structures need to be brushed off regularly in order to avoid plant growth on them.
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