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Gundren Rockseeker

A dwarven trader from Neverwinter that's known Airick Gilean for a few years, as well as Forgrim Edgehammer's cousin, Oskar Edgehammer.

In early 1491 DR, Gundren and his two brothers (Tharden and Nundro), make an important discovery in the Sword Mountains by the town of Phandalin. He asked Airick to assemble a group of guards to escort a wagonload of goods to Phandalin while he hastened to the small village to meet up with his brothers.

A member of the Lords' Alliance, Sildar Hallwinter, left with Gundren, but they were waylaid by a group of goblins just outside of town. Both Sildar and Gundren were captured. Sildar was later rescued and returned with his rescuers to Phandalin.

According to Sildar, someone named "The Black Spider" wanted the dwarf delivered to him, but Gundren's whereabouts are currently unknown.


Family Ties

Two brothers: Tharden & Nundro

Disclaimers & Gratitudes
(Lawful) Good
Current Residence
Biological Sex

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