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Tarsakh 22, 1491 DR

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Having evolved it's cultures somewhat slowly over several millennia, the world of Toril has been subject to substantial upheaval in the past 100 years.   Gods have been murdered and banished. The Spellplague perverted the land and robbed it of the magical energies that many thrived upon. The ancient chaotic, parallel sister-world of Albeir was temporarily re-merged with that of Toril, destroying whole lands, eradicating cultures, and re-introducing races and dangers long thought lost to legend and history. Even most of the elves have fled to their promised land of Evermeet.   But recently, these realms have begun to see a restoration of balance. Magic and the gods have returned, though changed in many respects. Albeir has been returned to it's home dimension, but not without leaving it's mark in many ways and places. Cities are rebuilding, and empires are reclaiming territories & homelands lost to the forces of chaos. Ancient discoveries and newfound loyalties are fueling opportunities for adventure and prestige throughout the continent of Faerûn, and likely beyond.   It is a new world, where skill once again reigns over chance, and hope has been renewed after a century of chaos and despair.

"Elo-Toril" is an expansion on the world of Toril from the Forgotten Realms Dungeons & Dragons campaign setting from Wizards of the Coast. Material on this site is NOT official Wizards of the Coast content, and is not endorsed by them. Use of or references to any material owned by them (including but not limited to "Dungeons & Dragons", "Toril", "Forgotten Realms", and "Faerûn") is humbly borrowed for use herein in accordance with their SRD and Fan Use Policies. For more information, please refer to Disclaimers & Gratitudes