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Baracus Despair


Captain of the Lady of Despair, Baracus Despair is a renowned Pirate known for his amazing feats and dangerous enemies who want him dead. Baracus is a ruthless Pirate Captain that attacks those he thinks are taking advantage of the less wealthy, and keeps the wealth for himself and his crew. He captains a massive boat made from dark, brown wood surprisingly buoyant for its size, only found on an isolated island off the coast of Belione. His crew is a collection of outcasts, all with undying loyalty to their captain for one reason or another. But Baracus himself is extremely fearsome, standing 2.1 metres tall and a wall of pure muscle. He is covered in scars and wields a legendary weapon and armour, but he does not talk about where he got them. He also fights in an old Dwarven style of a battlerager, where the warrior covers themselves in spikes and plunges into the enemies, despite being a Tiefling. He is also wanted by an entire country, the Seven Cities Domain, now under the tyrannical rule of Tiamat for reasons unknown to most. Although Baracus does not talk about his past or how he became so strong and wanted by a Goddess, it is clear to all that it must of not been easy.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Wears a Belt of Storm Giant Strength, imbuing him with supernatural strength. This, alongside a life of fighting has developed Baracus into a machine of pure muscle and raw strength.

Specialized Equipment

The most notable equipment that Baracus Despair wears is the Chromatic Dragon-Scale Spike Armor. This legendary armour is covered in multicoloured scales of several dead dragons, at least one of each of the chromatic types. These seem to have melded together and created a rainbow effect, but more importantly it protects Baracus from the elements native to each of the chromatic dragons. Also covering the armour is dozens of dragon teeth and claws. There are so many sharp teeth and claws covering the armour that Baracus can appear like a colourful, menacing hedgehog. This armour allows him to utilize his favoured Dwarven berserker fighting, and he often grapples with his enemies, who get impaled by the spikes covering this armour. This armour was put together by Baracus himself through the months he spent slaying various chromatic dragons in Kurvald Dehlaine.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Baracus grew up as Orphan in the Dwarphanage of Neverwinter, Seven Cities. Because Neverwinter is far to the West, he did not grow up under the al Mustaba religion. The Dwarphanage was an orphanage devoted to Dwarven orphans, but the owner could not turn the baby Baracus away and accepted him in. This way, Baracus was raised as a 'Dwarphan'. Baracus developed barbaric skills, able to push through pain and fight well from many scraps during his childhood. He learned the traditional Dwarven techniques of fighting, one where he would cover himself in large spikes, then dive into the enemy doing as much damage with his own body as possible. After he became a teenager, Baracus delved into the slums of Neverwinter, resorting to lower crime to get by. That is, until Baracus met a group named the Pipsqueaks, an adventuring party wanting to carve their name in history forever. Baracus joined this group and became fast friends with its members. This relationship became as close to a real family that Baracus ever got. After months of exploring Seven Cities with the Pipsqueaks , growing in power and character himself, the party gained control of a flying airship and were asked by the King of Neverwinter to stop the evil chromatic Dragons trying to take over their land from a rift in the sky to the Draconic realm named Kurvald Dehlaine. His adventures with his new family had gained Baracus fame and power, and he readily accepted, wanting to protect the people from the Dwarphanage that accepted him and raised him. Many more adventures emerged during their travels through the endless skies of Kurvald Dehlaine, but ultimately, the Pipsqueaks were unable to stop the resurrection of the evil Dragon Goddess Tiamat, the goal of the dragons the entire time. A final showdown presented itself between Baracus and the Pipsqueaks, and Tiamat. However, Tiamat took a liking to the party and offered them unimaginable power in return for servitude. Seeing these odds, Baracus' family gave into their greed and accepted Tiamat's terms, feasting on her flesh and transforming themselves into draconic servants of the evil Goddess. Baracus, not wanting to give in, tried to save his family but was unsuccessful with the Goddess herself right there. Instead, Baracus grabbed who he could, Yeemik and Chango, and teleported them all away to a random location in Elderforge. This event broke Baracus, being betrayed by most of his closest friends for power, and he now works towards killing Tiamat and slaying his traitorous friends. Likewise, Tiamat is furious that someone managed to escape her, and has many of her best agents and forces constantly searching for Baracus. Baracus found himself needing to gain power and allies, especially concerned with evading the Draconic forces of Tiamat trying to find him. When he teleported himself, Yeemik and Chango away from Kurvald Dehlaine, they arrived at a primal island off the coast of Belione. This society was filled with Triton people who were still figuring out how to create tools due to their isolation. Baracus taught these people as much as he could and with their help and the island's natural wood, crafted a beautiful boat for him to captain. He named it the Lady of Despair. Several of these Triton joined his crew, forever loyal to the man who showed them how to live, and Yeemik and Chango became Baracus' First and Second mate respectively. Due to Baracus' past and trust issues, shortly after gaining a ship and setting out to sail the seas, he quickly became a pirate and found himself loving the lifestyle and everything else about it. He resorted to attacking and pillaging the rich boats transporting the vast riches away from the now under siege Neverwinter. He made a name for himself as the most fearsome pirate ever known. His crew filled with aquatic Triton, perfect for sailing the sea, and for himself being an extremely powerful and fearsome once-hero, able to defeat almost anyone in combat. Baracus is also respected by other pirates due to his selection of who he attacks in the oceans. He leaves lone sailors and family ships, only going after who he deems takes advantage of others. For this he is a frightening pirate, but a liked one too. Nowadays, Baracus covers up his complicated past, trying to enjoy his life as a powerful pirate sailing the seas with freedom, but has his failure and loss of family constantly eating away at his mind, knowing that they are still out there causing chaos.

Personality Characteristics


Baracus' current motivation, as he tells it to his crew, is to become the most famous and wealthy pirate who ever lived. But his first and second mates, Yeemik and Chango, know that what he wants most in the world is to slay the Goddess Tiamat, he just needs to get stronger and gain more followers to do it.

Vices & Personality flaws

Baracus' greatest flaw during his growth as a person, hero, then pirate was that he would always through himself into danger, no matter the odds. When Baracus believed in something, he would plunge headfirst into it, most likely spurred on by his Dwarven battlerager training. This got Baracus killed then resurrected twice during his time as a hero, and now that he is a captain and responsible for an entire crew of people, Baracus has had to get this flaw under control. Baracus has learned to be more calculating and safe, but when the time comes, he still roars a battlecry and plunges into the enemy before anyone else.
Come then you mangy, dim-witted, troll-kisser! We gon fight man to man and your whole crew can see you piss yourself as I crush all of your bones in one swing! Arrgh-aha board their filthy ship boys!
— Baracus, attacking a slave ship
The Lady of Despair Pirate Flag.
Current Location
Year of Birth
443 AU 56 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
Unwanted, left at Dwarphanage
Deep purple
Long, black
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Scarlet red
Aligned Organization


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