Yroham. The ancient seat of dwarven power on Far Reach. Still, it contains the largest dwarven population, but now the glorious city turned into a town built atop the ruins. Even after the Waves, the Dwarves have not moved. First to recover after the flood the dwarves rebuilt their town, farms, and forges, only the tunnels, and mines under the town remain unreclaimed. When the waves washed over the city they flooded the tunnels drowning most inside and seemingly forever lost. Now for recovery of any artifacts from below the water, the dwarves pay handsomely to any adventurers.


Most of Yroham's population are dwarves, humans, and gnomes can also be found often, but other races are scarce.


Yroham, in ruled by the Thane Gurnidison.


The defenses of Yroham are made from a formidable militia and a small professional regiment known as the Guard of Gurn.


The industry and trade of Yroham haven't changed for over a thousand years. Agriculture and brewing were always the main industry while ale and bread the main exports. Now especially Yroham provides the majority for the ale on Far Reach and the majority of bread and wheat for Red Spider Lily.


Yroham, though hit hard by the Waves recovered well, reconstructing a system of sewers and re-establishing a couple of the more prominent taverns of the town.


The main asset of the town and the area are incredibly fertile lands.

Guilds and Factions

The guild of Brewers headed by Elder Furgus.


Yroham was founded by seven great dwarf clans. Among the Thanes, a king was chosen under whose the direction the citadel of Yroham was built atop the greatest Mithril deposit on the continent. After the establishment of the Church of Saintly light, the Metallic Cohorts stormed the dwarven city and after two years of grueling siege, the city was taken and inducted into the church. But control could not be maintained on the proud dwarven population. So a new Alliance of Thanes was formed and the title of the King abolished. Behind the back the dwarves hid the largest Mithril deposit from the church and as soon as they weren't scrutinized too much the mining and forging begun. Armour and weapons for hundreds of Dwarves were made together with a Legion of golems all to battle the Church of Saintly Light. The day of the battle never came as the waves washed over the continent and Yroham. The stone was turned to rubble and the wooden buildings were dragged back to the sea with the retreating waves creating a field of debris to the west of Yroham. Despite great devastation, the dwarves built back up and even managed to muster a military to push back the last desperate elements of the Church who were depleted badly at Nila and Xora, but were all but abolished by the dwarves taking their revenge after 500 years.


Yroham largely retains the angular sturdy construction of the dwarves mixing it in with human and gnomish cottages.


Located in natural fields the city of Yroham is surrounded by many miles of great fertile land with little in the shape of nearby monsters aside from the usual greenskins and the odd Gnolls.

Natural Resources

Hundreds of miles of fertile lands.


Alternative Name(s)
The Reach
Inhabitant Demonym
The Duradin


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