Winds of Fortune

Merchants are speculators who arrange to move large amounts of goods from city to city, seeking the market that they will make the most handsome profit in. They seldom interact with the populace as they deal in bulk, generally selling their goods to Burghers and traders.Winds of Fortune are extremely influential in the Kingdom and they are slowly usurping their position. Even the poorest Merchant tends to be very wealthy, indeed, many use their wealth to buy legitimacy, purchasing titles or marrying their children into Noble families. They have a reputation of people who talk only money,and not small amounts.Import and export of magical items,bulk trade,and trading in very expensive materials and goods.The representatives of the Guild are considered elite merchants,and in addition to that they mostly possess a noble title to even more solidify their position amongst other businessmen. However the Winds of Fortune are connected to the government itself paying taxes directly to the Kings/Queens/Leader's treasury and as a result they can also exploit officials to make the deals even easier,more profitable and larger.


The guild has multiple big factories around the kingdoms,mostly in the biggest and trade-oriented cities.And at the head of each of those factories there is the Headmaster tradesman, usually of a high rank of nobility aswell. Below him there are Higher associates,below them are Associates,partners,affiliates.

Public Agenda

Most of the deals of large scale including governmental supplies and orders,go through the Winds. So they are considered Kingdom's biggest suppliers,and one of the most reliable of the traders,as if their word was Crowns word.Although being in a such positions,usually gives a birth to a corruption,intrigues,and betrayal from the individuals in order to get more influence and profit.


The Winds of fortune have 65 factories and dozens of warehouses across the continent in various big towns and trading ports,and their wealth is miraculous - more than 25 millions in gold equivalent of goods and gold combined are at disposal of the guild.


The Guild was established by Marquis Taddeush Windstorm at the first half of the second century GR,to provide military forces with trades,weapons,armor,general goods.As a result,after several decades Guild was upraised to a Governmental level of collaboration and trust.

Demography and Population

The numbers of ranked participants of the guild are low and running about 100 people. All other participants are considered replaceable and "hired force"
Flying trading ship
Headquarters of the winds of fortune
Guild, Merchant
Alternative Names
Fortunate traders
A department of trades in Galton


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