White Lotus

Taken a lot from the asian part of culture White lotus elves are one of the most delicate and culturally advanced people.Mostly this society has highly respected and great authority nobles and traders also performers that are renown around the continent also landlords and owners of theaters,gambling houses,arenas, and such places of entertainment and profit. Evelyn Yang is the gracious leader of this vast non-military organisation propagating the "Way of balance" and art.Also Lotus is involved into a lot of trading and building throughout the lands. They don't pick favourites they have no preferecnces.They just enjoy the living as they have it as a sort of a phylosophy.


Structure of this organization is really spastic but they feel like Evelyn Yang is their moral leader and spiritual mentor .But the more you do for the prosperity of the Lotus the more influence and respect you will get.

Public Agenda

Trading,Building places of interest,houses,monuments,propaganda of the culture of life is the main agenda of this organization.They believe that everyone can live united and in harmony if they all share same traditions and life goals.


Hundreds upon hundreds buildings in cities around the continent belong to the members of the lotus,and every trader is honored to make business with this guild so they have about 7 million gold as organisation assets and use hired forces and mercenaries that agree to follow the way of the Lotus.Also there is a huge amount of trading goods such as silk,salt,marble,cloth,hide,and other valuable wares at disposal of the organization.


Evelyn Yang has established the Lotus almost 400 years ago after she came back from the other continent and tasted the outside culture that she has found fascinating.And as a result she has found a lot of response from the interested in such a tender and exquisite culture as asian from the nobles,artists,traders.And as a result it became viral in next 100 of years echoing back with more and more of involved people

Demography and Population

Mostly members of the Lotus can be seen in the region of everdawn and osteni planes.On the outskirts of the towns where life is not that hectic and nature is at its blossom.there are members of Lotus in the most of the biggest trading guilds some members in councils and local government.
Evelyn Yang
Political, Faction / Party
Alternative Names
House of a noble


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