Under the Iron Shield: The Obsidian Way

" So as I promised I will tell you about The Obsidian Way, but you must swear on you very lives that these secrets go no further. I would hate to have to hunt you all down to insure that The Obsidian Ways secrets stay that way. "     Once Geolake was founded there was a need to have the entrances guarded, hence The Obsidian Way was born. In its beginning the order was small in it size but large in its scope. It grew to its current size and power not by fights and show of strength but the opposite by the lack of and no need to of such things.   The order as stated started small only concerned with the gates of the city, as the city grew so did the order. Then the portal system in the city started to grow, so they grew more. Now with portals in the out laying outposts and their biggest secret the physical route to the surface The Obsidian Way is one of the largest, With approx 1000 members The Obsidian Way is one of the largest group/order/guild/faction in Geolake.   It was one of the members of The Obsidian Way that found and charted the physical route to the surface. The biggest surprise though it opened in the crater of the volcano that formed the Iron Shield, and the home of an ancient red dragon that lives there. So it was a great find but was going to be hard to get to the land of the people of the surface, let alone to get past the dragon. So it was decided to create a portal system from the crater to the south western edge of the Iron Shield towards Caver to establish a trade route. This route and the route to the surface from Geolake would be the biggest and most important secret that The Obsidian Way would keep. For it was decided that it was so important that it can never fall in the hands of the Drocia as they would double if not triple their efforts to tale Geolake and to have free access to the surface.     " Now that I told you some their deepest secrets, you must swear that you will never speak of this to anyone.... I thank you for your word, now lets tell you about a group that is a little lighter on the secrets and more about the running of the city. The Counsel of Elders for the city of Geolake, the only real power structure of the city. Now let me clear up all these dishes and then I will continue my story. "


The leader: Grand Obsidian. Senior Officers: Obsidian's. Officers: Adesites. Members: Dornites. Recruits: Ashes.

Public Agenda

To help protect the portal system in Geolake. To help protect Geolake from invaders. To guard all our secrets for the benefit of our city


Watch tower through out Geolake City, outpost in the under realm, Extensive gold and items with in its order hall to help fund their endeavors.

Do you need help finding your way about?

Geopolitical, Band
Alternative Names
The Way, Obsidian Portals


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