Udum Fe Asasz

Born in 1107 AR the oldest persisting member of the Asasz Noble family, Udum separated himself from the rest of the islanders to focus on his studies. A talented necromancer and a renowned scholar even outside of the islands, Udum has practiced his trade for well over 500 years. Despite being a human, he has remained young in appearance throughout his extended years.   Obsessed with the "Beauty of Death and Undeath" Udum has spent most of his time on the twin islands of Hi'Ne and Shala'Rei (Known to Mainlanders as Shadowrun Island) studying them. Rumors surround him constantly much to his irritation when they reach his ears. Most of the common-folk are too afraid to approach his tower due to the stories of him experimenting on the living as well as the dead. One of the few living that he finds time to visit once a year is his descendant Suga Wo Asasz, the noblewoman in charge of maintaining the few settlements on Shala'Rei.   Udum is the writer of several books the most recent of which include the Treatise on the Condition of Modern Necromancy published in 1602, Complete History of Shala'Rei and the Shadowfell Influence on It published in 1588, and A Tasters Guide to the Native Alcohols in The Greylands and Gyohdo published in 1513. He is also the owner of Ozren Tower on Hi’Ne and Ledan Keep on Shala’Rei, though it is his descendants who run Ledan Keep for him.   While it is not confirmed, many attributes his longer than normal for a human life to him having transformed himself into a lich of some sorts or having developed some form of immortality elixir, though many believe the former to be true over the later due to Udum’s obsession with death. It is known however that his obsession with death began with the death of his first spouse, Akera Tyro in 1154 AR. The exacts behind the death of Akera and Udum’s growing fascination with death and undeath have never fully been told to any. Though it is assumed that it has to do with attempting to resurrect Akera, an assumption that is furthered by the fact that her fully preserved body lays in an upright glass container in Ozren Tower.   Throughout the years several younger necromancers have approached Ozren Tower on Hi’Ne asking Udum to teach them what he knows though he has never taken on an apprentice. Several of those who sought his tutelage speak of riddles he asks that none have answered what he considers satisfactory, and a few of those that have come to him have not been seen off the island. Again this fact furthers the belief that he experiments on the living.   Whether the rumors are true or not are a mystery, as are many things related to the 500 plus year old human that lives on an island of the dead. The one thing that is not a myth or rumor is that if you go to Ozren Tower, you will encounter Udum Fe Asasz


Hobbies & Pets

He has a skeletal horse that he has modified to resemble a flaming undead unicorn.  

Udum's Horse

Year of Birth
1107 (460 years old)
Biological Sex
Piercing Rust Colored Eyes
Long Wild Red Hair
6' 7"
174 lbs
Quotes & Catchphrases
Let me ask you a question...   Death is beautiful isn't it, it is the only truth in this world.


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