The Sepulcher

The wind chimes bring the sad wind of the loss.And the book takes another name into the list.

God of death Sepulcher (a.k.a. The Pallid Reaper)

Death. The fenomenon of horrible loss, the end of life, the abyss.Endless. All consuming. Silent. The very essence of this event, after centuries of worshipers crying have gained form. An the form of it was terrifying. Containing the very hell inside of himself, towering high floating in the air, palid, skeletal form in a bloody red robe, and a spiked breastplate, with a floating in air separate skull elevated by flames errupting fom the spot where the neck should be, and burning hands with dripping,molten flesh there he stood -The Sepulcher.

Divine Domains

Death, Decay, Blood, Fire

Holy Books & Codes

The Silent Watch tome.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Symbol of this god is five floating books. over a Skull

Tenets of Faith

Do not disturb the dead. Respect the deceased. Remember the Fallen. Avenge the unfairly killed. Keep silence in temples. Keep silence in graveyards. Slay creatures trying to avoid the true Death.


Each decade, the Valley of the dead celebrates 12 pillars (The holiday of the dead)

Divine Goals & Aspirations

The Sepulcher's goal was and is to get a better understanding of the people that created him. And secretly he always wanted to be proud of the Pallid children

Physical Description

General Physical Condition


Body Features

Bold skull,almost transparent, boiling skin.

Facial Features

Decrepit, withered, elongated skull, with sharp sheekbones, broken lower jaw.

Identifying Characteristics

Has a golden tooth

Physical quirks


Special abilities

Prescense of the Reaper: mortals in the vicinity can not exist longer then 100 heartbeats.

Apparel & Accessories

Red withered Robe and pale steel breastplate,On the belt he has 3 iron scrolltubes in which he contains the souls of reaped Titans.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Due to the peoples beliefs, they wanted to have the murderes, criminals, traitors, cheaters and other sinners to burn forever after their death, and they also wanted to believe, that the people who they care about go into the better world, or at least find peace after they leave this world. And the wish was heard, and it took form of a walking hell, for the guilty, and peace in books of The Endless Crypt.   The Sepulcher, however, remains silent, while worshiped or reached by the clerics and loyal devotees, and the only thing you can hear, is the crying of the condemned souls.As the Palid was dwelling on material plane, he understtod, that people need not only him, but those who will have answers, and chipped his own essence, to create other Gods, those who will reach for the people, comfort them in the embrace of death, give them hope, and the answers.But all Gods that he created of his own flesh and divinity, came out similar to himself, dark, grimm, horrfying, but different.And in the end, they never worked together, and spent their existances in exile, far away from people. Untill the barrier of Nine Seals,the divine gateway was put up, then the Reaper has stopped giving the divinity to the gods, and they sprawled for worshipers, to exist, to maintain their very essences strong.

Accomplishments & Achievements

The Sepulcher was one of the First gods, the opposite to the Sefirion - the Sapphire god of Life, but somehow they was understanding each other quite well, and as a result, the creation of Nine Seals barrier was a communal effort of this deities. Also Reaper was one of the primordial slayers, and one of the Shatterers of titans, in the Chaos Rebelllion times.

Failures & Embarrassments

The failure that follows the Sepulcher, is that he never succeeded to provide all the fullfilment of all the prayers, and even after the creation of the Pallid Children (other dark Gods), he hasnt succeded on reaching that goal.And that keeps him known as evermourning god of the dead.

Intellectual Characteristics

Grim god appears Silent, slow, cold, and distanced.

Morality & Philosophy

The philosophy of this Deity is simple, he has duty, and he follows it, no matter what happens to him, or his followers.He doesn't have any preferences and is judging everyone equally.No preference even for the most loyal worshipers, he will do as he must after you die.


Grant life after True Death.

Personality Characteristics


He wants to understand the meaning of life of the simple mortals, but it remains away from his reach

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Absolutely useless if it is not his duty.

Likes & Dislikes

Likes apples, for unknow reason.(Though can not eat those) Dislikes noise.(though can not get rid of the constant wailing of souls)

Virtues & Personality perks


Vices & Personality flaws

Slow, enigmous

Personality Quirks



Contacts & Relations

Keeps in touch with his children, but only mentally.Endlessly disapointed in those.

Family Ties

The favourite son of the Sepulcher is Arigard (God of mercykilling, revenants, selftorture.)

Religious Views

Has none


Burns brighter when angry

Hobbies & Pets

Has a bleck cat companion, to which he granted immortality.



Divine Classification
First Born God
Year of Birth
-12310 (13877 years old)
Current Residence
Grimm Palace
Biological Sex
Gender Identity
Empty hollow sockets, with a distant, almost invisible pupil, swirling inside of the skull
Bold, withered cracked skull
Quotes & Catchphrases
Known Languages


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