The Other Side Travelling Show

Welcome to The Other Side, unlock the cage of what's possible and watch as we unleash the freedom that takes you from the life you wish you could get away from. Get away to something new and experience the unconventional while enjoying the show. Founded in Gyohdo, The Other Side has gained a reputation across the entirety of Eidamir by traveling and putting on spectacular shows. Never offering the same show twice they make sure to give the masses a spectacle.


Ringmaster and Founder of the Other Side - Joneb Hynge     Notable Performers   Rainbow Crystal Dragon - Nemereth   Shifting Metal Man - Mercurian   Changeling Sorceress - World Vein   Skinwalker Showman - Eidan Toma   Archmagi of the People - Alesti Ryto   Incomperable Strongman - Timasa Cunam

Public Agenda

To travel across Eidamir and beyond, to bring the sights to those who don't get to see them that often to get people out of the drudgery of their lives, give them something more to do, to give them a show unlike anything they have ever seen before.


The Grand Artessa, a massive airship that carries the Cirque Ce'Les of The Other Side. As well as the Ri'Dell and the Kor'Vus two smaller airships that carry those that work for and on the performances that occur at the Cirque Ce'Les. A fourth airship known as the Ven acts as housing for those who have purchased advance tickets to watch the performance. The Other Side has several Elephants, Lions, Ibex, Tigers, Peafowl, and other animals, including some that are far more exotic. that it carries on the Ri'Dell. The Ce'Les is a massive Circus Arena that can seat over 25,000 spectators if needed. They have equipment for nearly every type of performance and keep adding to the collection of necessary items that they require in order to put on the best show. The fifth and final airship the Ai'Dila carries the majority of the equipment used in the performances when the five airships land it is almost like a small town landing elegantly in formation.


Formed in 1482 G.R. the other side has grown every year to the point it is well known enough that it only needs one solid month of performances each year, it spends the year learning and growing gaining new talent to put on the most amazing show each time. The founder of the troupe a Wood-Elf raised by humans by the name of Joneb Hynge has made sure to constantly improve the show adding the best performers from around the continent and islands.   The only performer to have been there since the beginning, other than the ringmaster, is Rainbow Crystal Dragon Nemereth, who constantly pushes themselves and the other performers to keep their performance fresh each year.

Foreign Relations

Due to its nature of traveling the world most countries view the five ships of The Other Side as their own sovereignty though they follow the laws of most nations they land in. They also act as a way of showing how various cultures can interact well together as while it was initially formed by Gyorans it now consists of people from all nations save for Far Reach.

Unlock the cage of what's possible

Entertainment, Troupe


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