The Iron Shields God-King Quradis and Goddesses-Queen Syleanea

Duo of Death King Quradis and Queen Syleanea

" Welcome back my young adventures. I see that you day was, how would we say eventful. Here let me see if i have any healing potions around and I'll but dinner on. there is hot cider by the fire, drink up and I shall be back in just a second....Here use these, I always try to have a few potions of healing handy and food is cooking. Once your settled then we can continue our story....So were where we, ah yes the God-king and Goddesses-queen of the Iron Shield."     You just can not talk about one without the other as the are both responsible for their ascendance to the divine. Originally the King and Queen of the larges of the Drochia cities in the under realm, their combined lust for power showed no bounds. They both delved deep in the necromatic arts and study all they could. Then one fate less night they discovered the path to lichdom, but to achieve it they needed piece of a rare and ancient herb that was only found in The Frozen Reach. So they needed to find a way to breach the barrier to travel to get it.     And a way they did find but they could not leave as their city would be in an upheaval. So they sent one of their best mages to retrieve the herb, but when they cast their magic to breach the barrier, a backlash happened when it came down. It sapped the life essence out of them and they started to die an unnatural death. It was this death that help elevate them to the divine, while to was slowly turning them to become liches the energy that was released from the barrier started to transform them. What they didn't know it was some unknown god the placed the barrier and with that the King and Queen adsorbed the divine energy.     So for 250 year as the God-King and Goddesses-Queen solidified their power and rule as the divine over the Drochia their most faithful erected a new barrier tho keep the upper realm out till the time came for the newest of the gods and goddesses to reveal themselves. When they did the made a deal with the Four Siblings to jointly control the Greyland with the Four holding sway in the upper realm and the Duo of Death controlling the under realm of the Greylands.   "No my young adventures, rest and I'll get the food. There is so much I can tell you of these lands. But for now eat and rest we can talk more later."

Divine Domains

Both: Death, King: Arcane, Queen: Knowledge.

Holy Books & Codes

The Dark Tomb of Death

Divine Symbols & Sigils

An open book with a Skull in the centre with a dark sun burst around the skull.

Tenets of Faith

The strong will rule. The weak will work for the strong. Strength is power, and power is strength, use it to always elevate yourself.


The birth of the God-King and Goddesses-Queen

Divine Goals & Aspirations

To control their domain and rule it.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Both have the bodies of Liches but use magic to to hide this fact. Both look like younger specimens of their respected sex.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Both practitioners of the arcane arts, and Necromancy as their specialty. Both the God-King and Goddesses-Queen were able to ammas power enough to ascend to divine-hood. But it came at a cost, their Undead Life as they both became Liches.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Ascended to Godhood, breaking down the barrier of the Iron shield that keep the gods and goddesses out of the Iron Shild.

Intellectual Characteristics

Cold calculating Intelligence.

Personality Characteristics


Rule of the Drochia with an iron fist

Likes & Dislikes

Dislikes the sun, bright lights


Contacts & Relations

The Four Siblings of the Greylands

Wealth & Financial state

what ever the decree.

Divine Classification
God and Goddesses
Gods and Goddesses of the Greylands
Honorary & Occupational Titles
God-King and Goddesses-Queen of the Drochia
Year of Birth
1317 (250 years old)
The Iron Shield
Current Residence
The Iron Citadel.
Biological Sex
King:Male, Queen:Female
Gender Identity
King: Male, Queen: Female
Both: Pale White orbs
Both: Long black
King: 5'10", Queen: 5'8"
King: 143 lbs, Queen: 127 lbs.
Quotes & Catchphrases
" Behold your divine rulers, pray they look at you with favour. "
Aligned Organization
Gods and Goddesses of the Greylands
Known Languages
All mortal languages, All creatures of the Underdark


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