The Four Siblings: Juniver the Goddesses of Twisting Life

Twister of Life Juniver

"A my young travelers I see you are done your meal, good was it. Yes, I am glad you like it. This old man doesn't have many opportunities to entertain guests. So I was going to tell you about Juniver the Goddesses of Twisting Life. So were to start, oh yes lets start here."     Juniver is the Goddesses of the twisting chaos of life, good by nature but still chaotic like her siblings. Juniver believes that Fate should not be the one to guide the mortals in life, but random choice. Mortals are capable of making the choices in their own life and to make their own way. Juniver makes sure that mortal have all possible choices to pick from.     Juniver is on good terms with her other siblings, but she wishes Addric would "slow" down his rant of chaos. As for Bluran she walks in a similar path as he does but were his is at the end of life, hers starts at the beginning.Her sister Breatonna maybe the closes to her, as the goddesses of wild nature, they are the most similar in out look on things.     "It is getting late now, and you all need to rest. We can continue this in the morning, for now rest and have a good night."

Divine Domains

Life, Trickery

Holy Books & Codes

The Ever Twisting Book of Life

Divine Symbols & Sigils

A twisted Ankh of Life

Tenets of Faith

There is no such thing as fate, only random choice.


The longest day of the year.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

To trick the Fates when ever possible.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

A young looking female that just come of age. Pale skin with a soft glow to it.

Facial Features

Soft and cheerful

Identifying Characteristics

pointed ears like that of an elf but more of a point to the top

Apparel & Accessories

Flowers in her hair

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Juniver by far is the only one of The Four Siblings that truly cares for the mortals of the Greylands. Being a goddesses of life, she doen't like to see the hard manipulation of her brother Addric, nor the behind the scenes approach of Bluran. Breatonna is the only one that she has no real issues with her out look towards mortals, as she is more concerned with nature itself the the life of the mortals of the Greylands. Juniver has mixed feelings of the Iron Shield God-king and Goddesses-queen as they care little of the upper realm. Time will only tell how the Divine rulers of the Drochia plays into her domain and the upper realm..

Intellectual Characteristics

Caring, yet mischievous.

Morality & Philosophy

all must have as many choices as possible

Personality Characteristics


To make sure life follows its own path that the fates have not dictate.


Contacts & Relations

The God-king and Goddesses-queen of the Iron Shield

Wealth & Financial state

not needed

Divine Classification
Gods and Goddesses of the Greylands
Honorary & Occupational Titles
The Twisting Life, Life with no Fate.
Year of Birth
-14000 (15567 years old)
Current Residence
So ware in the Greylands
Biological Sex
Gender Identity
Deep Aqua Blue
Very long breaded red
143 lbs
Quotes & Catchphrases
" You should choice what ever you like "
Aligned Organization
Gods and Goddesses of the Greylands
Known Languages
All mortal Languges


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