The Four Siblings: Breatonna the Goddesses of Wild Nature

The Wild One Breatonna

"Ah I see you are wake now young travelers, I'll get you some food and drink for the morning and then we will continue with our story. So we were going continue with....ah yes, Breatonna the Goddesses of Wild Nature"     Breatonna the goddesses of nature is the last of the Four Siblings and the most wild of the bunch. Being the goddesses of nature and all creatures wild, she is the most against civilization. With the belief that nature should be allowed to do as it wants in any fashion, Breatonna spends her time spreading her chaotic influence to foster this.Of all the Four sibling Breatonna maybe the most distanced of them towards mortals. With her dislike of civilization she has a large distrust towards mortals and their drive to advance civilized lands into her domain.     Breatonna is on good terms with most of her other siblings, but she wishes Addric would direct his rant of chaos more towards civilized lands and keep his wars out of the wild. As for Bluran and Juniver she cares little of their out look on mortals, as long as they keep them away from here wilds.Besides these outlooks Breatonna gets along with her siblings.   " There you are the story of the Four Siblings. When you come back after you little adventure I will tell you of the duo the God-King and Goddesses-Queen of the Drochia, as special set of divine that were once mortal themselves."

Divine Domains

Nature, Trickery

Holy Books & Codes

The Wild Omans

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Celtic knot work style of the world tree

Tenets of Faith

Nature must remain wild. Push back civilization when ever you can.


First day of the summer

Divine Goals & Aspirations

To keep the wilds wild, and to take back civilized lands

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

A well built frame for a female figure, curvy yet muscular.

Body Features

Lightly tanned/green skin

Facial Features

Dark Green Eyes like emeralds

Identifying Characteristics

Emerald green lips

Apparel & Accessories

Always wares green flowing robes. Fern reef on her head.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Breatonna has always loved the wilds, the randomness and the chaos of nature. She of all the Four siblings tries not to interact with mortals. The only ones that she may, are her worshipers. For they are of like mind that civilization needs to be reversed. Spreading chaos and discord were even civilization tries to encroach on her beloved wild is sure to bring down her anger with the same wild furry as nature itself has.

Intellectual Characteristics

Flighty intelligence

Morality & Philosophy

Nature must be as wild as possible


Will not use anything made of Metal.

Personality Characteristics


To keep nature as a whole wild as possible. To push back a civilization as much as possible

Likes & Dislikes

Dislikes the harvesting of nature for profit


Contacts & Relations

The God-king and Goddesses-queen of the Iron Shield

Wealth & Financial state

not needed

Divine Classification
Gods and Goddesses of the Greylands
Honorary & Occupational Titles
She who is Wild, The Chaotic Nature
Year of Birth
-14000 (15567 years old)
The Ether
Current Residence
So ware in the Greylands
Biological Sex
Gender Identity
Dark green
Very long blackish green
168 lbs
Quotes & Catchphrases
" Does not this wild place be better then you town? "
Aligned Organization
Gods and Goddesses of the Greylands
Known Languages
All mortal languages. Able to speak with all animals and elementals


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