The Four Siblings: Bluran the Unfortunate, God of the Grave

The Unfortunate Bluran

" Here young ones eat, Stew and hardy bread. That will fill you and warm you up also. So where were we, ah yes Bluran the Unfortunate, God of the Grave."   Bluran is the second of the Four Siblings and the master of the Grave. He "helps" those to the afterlives by trickery and misguidance. Though he is never the one to raise his hand to do the final deed, that will always be someone or something else. Bluran gets along with his sister Juniver the best the Sibling of live, they form the cycle of life within the Greylands. As for the other two, its the attitude of just about any other relationship that siblings have, good days and bad.   Bluran has a unique relationship with the mortals of the Greylands because of his domain. It not that he revels in the wanton death of mortals unlike his brother Addric, but he enjoys the games that the mortals do to bring people to their own demise. He finds it interesting that mortals would do such a thing with little prompting from him, just a word here a vision there and you have a plot to slay your adversary. And you don't even realize it was a god that gave you the push to do it.   " So my young travelers finish eating and I will tell you of Juniver the Goddesses of Twisting Life. Eat , and enjoy."

Divine Domains

Trickery, Grave

Holy Books & Codes

The Grave Book of Misery.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Tombstone surrounded by a ring of fog

Tenets of Faith

To spread mischief and strife. To trick one to the grave but not be the hand that does the deed.


The last night of the year

Divine Goals & Aspirations

To spread Chaos. To "help" those to their grave.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Well fit if not a bit of a gaunt frame. Has a look of health but when one gets closer you can see a hint if decay at the extremities.

Body Features

Pale skin, with Black hair and eys

Facial Features

Long flowing black hair with the smell of the grave coming from it

Special abilities

He's a god, so any he wants

Apparel & Accessories

Long Black robs and a overly large scythe

Specialized Equipment

Tricking those to there grave

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born after the beginning of all, one of four children born of a long forgotten god Bluran was born. But at this time part of him also died and he became the unfortunate lord of the grave.

Intellectual Characteristics

Distantly Philosophical, Highly Intellectual, if not a little mad

Morality & Philosophy

All things must eventually goto the grave, I just "help" them on they journey.


Dislikes touching the ground, always just floats a foot above

Personality Characteristics


To lead all to their grave but never be the one that puts them there.


Contacts & Relations

The God-king and Goddesses-queen of the Iron Shield

Wealth & Financial state

not needed

Divine Classification
Gods and Goddesses of the Greylands
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Lord of the Unfortunate, The Deadly Trickster.
Year of Birth
-14000 (15567 years old)
From the ether
Current Residence
Somewhere in the Greylands
Biological Sex
Gender Identity
Male, but can take on either sex.
Black with stars flickering in them
Long black
6' 1"
197 lbs
Quotes & Catchphrases
" Come let me show you the way good traveler "
Aligned Organization
Gods and Goddesses of the Greylands
Known Languages
All known mortal languages.


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