The Four Siblings: Addric The Warrior

Chaotic Warrior, Bringer of Chaos Addric

"Ah my young friend I see you are settled. Here are the drinks I promised, you shall enjoy them I think. Warm cider, I had a student once that loved this after many hours of greatsword practice. So were did we leave off, ah right the Greyland Gods and Goddesses. How about we start with Addric the god of Chaotic War."     Addric the Chaotic Warrior desires nothing but to bring the Greylands to anarchy, and he has so far achieved that with little resistant except for the the God king and Goddesses Queen of the Iron Shield. As one of the above realm gods and one of the four siblings Addric embraces chaos and anarchy in it purest form. Wanting nothing but relentlessness combat and mistrust , one could say he is more evil in his chaotic ways then the rest of his brother and sisters. Addric relishes when his followers and cleric seed chaos within the Greyland, specially when it is in the disguise of friendship and loyalty.     Born in the beginning of all, Addric along with his siblings started to forge out there place in the would and claimed a area that in time would become the Greyland. All ways one step ahead of any other of the gods or goddesses that were around Addric was able to keep his siblings safe till all of their powers grew to full strength. Addric achieved this by sowing the seeds of mistrust, and envy among the mortal of the land and guided them to only wanting the counsel of the Four. Then the power was set, with Addric taking on the mantel of war.     Then approximately five hundred years ago the great Iron Shield happened and the Four Sibling lost the connection with the under realm of most of the Greyland. This through Addric in a chaotic rage that was felt by his followers for a hundred years. Not able to effect the affairs of the under realm of the Greyland and be able to sow the seed of mistrust and war, Addric tried but failed at ever attempt to go through the barrier that was now present. As time passed Addrics attempts grew far and few in between till one day he stopped. Then just a few years ago the barrier that kept the gods and goddesses out disappeared.     " And that my young ones is when the Gods and Goddesses of the above realm met the ones of the under realm. But for now drink up and I will get you the food that should be ready. When I come back I will introduce you to Bluran the Unfortunate, God of the Grave."

Divine Domains

Trickery, War

Holy Books & Codes

The Archaic Book of Combat

Divine Symbols & Sigils

A sword entwined with a mask.

Tenets of Faith

To fight in a war where ever it can be found. To foster chaos not only with your enemy but also with your allies. Cunning attacks leads to your foe better then head on. Trust is misplaced chaos, spread it when ever you can and unleash it.


None, celebrate when you want to or not.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

To bring the world to chaotic perfection.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

A large and stout man with muscles. He has a tanned skin tone with a hint of red in the recesses of his muscles.

Body Features

Only hair on the body is his head hair.

Identifying Characteristics

Tattoos of warriors on both upper arms

Physical quirks

Always in a state of ready to fight

Apparel & Accessories

Always has at least his Greatsword and Longsword with him at all times

Mental characteristics

Morality & Philosophy

All must be brought to chaos before we war, then and only then will we be able to play


Negotiations, Diplomacy

Personality Characteristics


To foster war in its most chaotic form. To spread fear and mistrust.


Contacts & Relations

The God-king and Goddesses-queen of the Iron Shield

Wealth & Financial state

not needed

Divine Classification
Gods and Goddesses of the Greylands
Honorary & Occupational Titles
The Destroyer of Law, Battle-master of Chaos
Year of Birth
-14000 (15567 years old)
The Ether
Current Residence
Somewhere in the Greylands
Biological Sex
Gender Identity
Fire Red
Long wavy black
378 lbs
Quotes & Catchphrases
" Look around, is the chaos of battle not a beautiful sight to behold "
Aligned Organization
Gods and Goddesses of the Greylands
Known Languages
All mortal


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