The Conquerors

This organization is highly known but despised and hated all over the world.They come to a city at make it their own soak it torture it and when there is nothing left they go away leaving the bloodbath behind.Also Conquerors known as hireable force but not very reliable they might turn in any moment and you will loose everything.With a madman -Scar Kingpin the Torturer,they march leaving burning wounds upon the land they pass.Higly organised,well trained,always prepared,and will use all dirty tricks and devious plans to take what they want by force or by slyness and deceit.


Structure is complicated and twisted and mostly kept a secret or just no one can properly explain.Though one is certain Scar is the boss.

Public Agenda

Its really hard to get why people even join their ranks unless they are inherently cruel and blood thirsty.Take,burn,kill,exploit! is the battle cry of these people so not a secret why they are doing this.


They have no lands,no fortresses,beside those they occupy at this moment though 800 people that live with battles and carnage as routine.


Conquerors started as a simple raiders pillaging small villages and farms,about 100 years ago with no ambitions or goal to become such a force but destiny decided otherwise.

Demography and Population

Pupulation of this giant raid is about 1000 people overall

Scar kingpin
Military, Other
Alternative Names
Conquerors at raid


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