The City Of Felgrim

Felgrim is a prosperous city filled with a multitude of cultures, races and beliefs, how such a place came to be is because of its foundations which is a being known as Felgrim. The city of Felgrim was first founded when a group of travelers settled down on a large hill and over a century the hamlet grew into a small town where the occupants happily lived their lives until one day the ground quaked and the town rose into the sky on the back of a mighty primordial as it emerged from the ground beating it's might wings with many of the building being destroyed by it's movement as it sawed across the land. After they finally landed and the creature went back to it's slumber, many of the villagers were distraught not knowing what to do or where to go, many decided to leave and find newer pastures but the most stubborn of them stayed to try and rebuild their lives and while preparing the lands for farming they discovered that the land was rich in ores and minerals and that's when they discovered that they had struck gold as this might creature that brought them to this new land was attracted to ores and the towns rise to the might city it was destined to be begun. As the town grew due to it's new found resource people began to wonder what this creature was called and if it doesn't what should it be named until one morning a woman claimed the the creature told them it's name in a vision "Felgrim" and so the city was named after it and the woman founded to church of Felgrim and the order called the sisters of Felgrim who were dedicated to the worship and care of their new found god. Felgrim was worshiped as a god of the earth and prosperity but in fear of the fact that it may move once more they researched diligently and found a way to set up a magic barrier that would make the town unable to feel it's movements and the wind as it fly's through the sky's and they could build up the city on it's back without fear and so the city moved once a century as Flegrim goes looking for more ores. so now hear it stands the mighty city of Felgrim, built on the back of a primordial defended by those that call them their god and home to many from all across the globe, it has stood for millennia as a beacon of unity and it will continue to stand for many more as long as it's people stand


In Felgrim you can find almost every race imaginable and even some you can't, from Humans to Aarakocra, Halflings, Goliath and even Goblins, if there is a sentient race you will probably bump into them in Felgrim but that only stands for the common folk, the nobles on the other hand are predominantly humans, elves and dwarfs but there are other nobles in the city who are of more unusual races.


Felgrim is a sovereign nation run by three main groups the royal family of Artainer, the sisters of Felgrim, and the royal council. The royal family has existed for about 1200 years who are descended from the original leaders of the village and have lead their people with strong and justly however there have been a few bad apples over the centuries and that is where the other two groups enter. the sisters of Felgrim an organization dedicated to the worship of Felgrim, which is the primary religion in the city, so they hold sway over the peoples’ belief as well as the guards of the city and lastly is the royal council. The royal council consists of representatives from each of the races that dwell within the city and act as council to the king as well as the face of their kind often holding more power over how things are run than the sisters. One of the most interesting thing about Felgrim is its laws, because of how it moves about once a century and often lands in other people lands they try to appease the ruling government by changing their laws to fit in line with theirs to the best of their abilities without violating its people right, so the laws are ever shifting and mostly depend on its location at the time


the city is surrounded by a giant wall about 30 ft high surrounding the city with watch towers about ever 100ft along it defended by is army called the shields of Felgrim and the name reflects their nature with the soldiers carrying primarily large shields and spears to protect the city and archers on the back lines with troops with smaller shields and swords taking up the middle. The army is only ever used to defend the city because what's the point in trying to take over another land when you'll be gone in less than 500 year.


The main export of Felgrim is its ores, weapons as well as various other crafted metal and jewels dug up from its mines and forged by its back smiths and its second largest income is from its tourist trade because being built on top of a colossal creature is apparently a good draw for tourists. They usually trade with the other settlements nearby or food as they need to set up new farm land each time they move.


the primarily consist of black smiths but there are also jewellers and enchanters who use the other materials dug up


The building of Felgrim are quite something to behold, as they travel from place to place they take a bit of their culture with them and their buildings reflect this as each building can be different depending on when it was build showing a little of the location at the time, they all have the same basic design but as you go from the centre of the with its older building to the edge of the newer ones it looks like a history of where it's been like the rings on a tree

Natural Resources

The resources at Felgrim’s disposal depend on where it lands, they might have a lot of iron for weapons or gold for trade but where ever they land they will have a lot of it
Felgrim market
Bubbled city
Large city
city wall


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