Ter'Nim, Jewel of the Ocean

Grand Junction of the Empire

The largest city of the empire, built by Tritons, Sirens, and Sea-Borne Elves, designed in a way so as long as you stay within the buildings there is air to breathe. Initial construction finished in 314 G.R. the underwater city allowed for the archipelago to stay in communication and travelling to and from even during the mist-time. As the breachways are controlled by the temple of Alessia and to travel between the main island and the archipelago takes at least a two day wait in Ter'Nim, the influx and outflux is steadily controlled. This wait period has caused the city to extend and expand, what was once a small city it is now the grandest in the empire and a major hub of activity.


Elves 30% (Primarily Sea-Borne but with some Dark Elves and others) Tritons 19.5% Sirens 10.5% Shifters 7.5% (Shark, Octopus, and Ray) Lizardfolk 5.5% Drakeblood 5% Slimefolk 5% Humans 5% Various other Races 12%


A city council with a leader from each of the districts, as well as the head of both the city guard and the supreme judge of the courts, that meets once a month to discuss issues, save for emergency situations. The city guard called the Ter'Val, a division of the Val'Guard protects those that live their as well as those that make the city a temporary home during times of the year. The city of Ter'Nim is also home to the largest court system of the islands as it also has the only entrance to and from the largest and only prison of the islands, an underwater prison called The Coral Deep.


The primary defense of the settlement is the fact that the city is located deep underwater. The massive enchantments and layered construction that prevents the ocean depths from crushing it or the water from filling the city are maintained yearly and any chink is quickly repaired even as the city grows ever larger.   To help ensure this the city has banned the usage of magic within city limits without a permit. And even with a permit some elemental magics are still strictly forbidden.


If there is a form of trade it can be found here, numerous exporting and importing merchants make their trade in the city as it is easy to set up a store within the city and customers will always come to you. Entire districts have been built upon different types of crafting and while other cities are known for their exceptional crafts, within the empire, Ter'Nim is always the second or third best for any type of craft.   Due to its location at the oceans floor the city has easy access to farm-able sea life and does so regularly, as well as ocean deep mines which have their own resources upon which to gather more resources for trade.   Unfortunately even though it is frowned upon in the islands there is a black market for slavery that exists within the confines of Ter'Nim. However the black market has learned to make sure that they never abduct and sell a resident of the islands as it is illegal to take freedom away from any citizen of the empire, and they would rather remain on the outskirts of the law rather than outright breaking it.


Built from stone and coral, and stretching down deep into the underneath of the sea floor the grand hub is massive. To walk from the eastern most point to the western would take more than eight hours. Longer if you cannot take the seaway shortcuts.


As a major hub this city has nearly everything one could want, merchants of every type, loads of valuable gems and minerals, crafters having entire sections of the city. If it weren't for the lesser quality of the craftsman compared to elsewhere in the empire one may say it is the jewel of the empire rather than the jewel of the ocean.

Guilds and Factions

Numerous crafts and sea-farming guilds make a home within Ter'Nim. As well as many, if not most, of the other guilds within having a large secondary guild located within the hub city.   The Ter'Val arm of the Val'Guard is located within the city and make their home in the central spire.   The High Courts, the major court system of the islands is also located here, while other cities have smaller courts if a criminal is deemed to great a threat their trial is moved to Ter'Nim.   The Dae'Sat, a collection of those that work in the shadows of the empire, the ones that run the black market, and are responsible for most organized crime that operates on the edge of legality. They are the dark hand inside the empire, it is suspected that Orim Vai, one of those on Ter'Nim's city council, the representative of the lower quarter may have some connection to them.   It is also home to the Ren'Law, the salvage company which when not in the city spends its time at the Western Mark, which has become a bit of a ship graveyard. This means however that there are 9 years that they spend seeking other wrecks at the bottom of the ocean not at the ship graveyard.   The Circle of Archmages have a spire in the city, it is where one goes to procure a magical permit for using magic within the city limits.


Construction having begun during the life of Asander Tyro I, the initial construction did not finish until 314 G.R. The city has never ceased adding more since the initial creation was finished. Every year something new is added to the city.


Most of the buildings are constructed from various types of stone treated to not be worn away by the water and heavily enchanted to support the displaced water. Some have a bit of coral embedded into their construction and a few buildings are even grown entirely of coral.


Located at the bottom of the ocean, the eastern point of the city miles from the Western Mark of the mist. Much of the city lays beneath the ocean floor, and even with what is seen above it is massive.

Natural Resources

From the ocean floor and the deep ocean mines the city is host to a plethora of gemstone and mineral collection and purification as well as one of the few places unique allows such as Cobalt Steel is produced, due to both the high quantity of precious metals found under the sea floor.   It is also host to a plethora of precious gems, including many types of beryl among others. The sea floor is also home to high density shells and other chitinous material that make for exceptional armoring. They also gather things from the sea floor such as coral, kelp and sea grasses for crafting and other usages. Alongside gathering the toxins and parts of sea life for alchemical and medicinal usage.   In addition sea salt is harvested through a filtration process that provides clean fresh drinking water for the city.
Large city
3,200 - 5,600 depending on the year


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