The Starfire guild is mostly men and women that dedicated their life to the science and passing it to the further generations.Writing down the maps of the sky,the flow of time,trying to solve problems through science,and sometimes arcane means.They are keepers of all knowledge completed in multiple libraries and archives around the continent.The oldest and the wisest members of the guild taken to be royal advisors,personal loremasters.Founder of the guild is a human monk,whose name is unknown. He lives on the mountain peak and legends say that he speaks to the gods of knowledge themselves and that he has answers for any question.So sometimes people seeking truth or knowledge make their way to the top of the mountain of Teniqua to find the answers.If you are strong enough you will get ONE question answered truly and with no mistake.


Organisation of the guild is simple the more years you spend in your researches the higher your estimated rank amongst the guild is

Public Agenda

Compiling knowledge, preserving historical events, making people's life simpler with help of technological progress and science


The organisation has various sponsors and financial aid from those who use services of the Starfire.They have hundreds of science-related buildings around continent.


Before the great rise when the first library was found in Sharerai the guild was founded aswell,was containing only of 5 pilgrims but travelling and propaganda of those brave hearts made its work and in measly 200 years it was a full blooded living and thriving guild.

Demography and Population

Nowadays guild counts about 600 members scattered across the continent in various libraries observatories and laboratories.

Stafire crest
Hermit monk
Educational, Society
Alternative Names
Libararia grande


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