Red Spider Lily

Written by ShadyIndian

The only city in the Swamp. Lorded over by Huron the Red this city now hangs from tree branches several hundred feet above the fallen water level. Hewn from the plentiful redwood the town is a rather eccentric sight. Houses of reddish wood affixed to enormous trees linked by strong rope bridges and tenous passages. Although on the outside the town may seem like a wonderful coexistence between humanoids and nature in truth the humanoids thirst to return to the ground where they once used to live. There underneath the waters of the swamp lie the ruins of the real Red Spider Lily. A beautiful port city once now a sunken ghost town.   The town itself is by custom divided into three Wards. The Common Ward where commerce, taverns, and livelihoods are located. Simple, but reliable housing. Here in the Twin Blades find their refuge the Adventurer's Guild, just under 200 years old it is one of the most dangerous and profitable businesses in Red Spider Lily. Potion Makers and Smiths gladly cooperate with the Guild. Adventurers always need potion and steel, and for a fair sum, the artisans are ready to provide both plenties.   The Lower Dock Ward is a shanty town of rough and tumbles driftwood constructions stretching out of town to the very shore acting as the port where reptilian workers drag the cargo from ships to the higher Wards to store and sell later. This Ward is plentiful with associations and Guilds though none too serious. The most guards are located in this part of the city to avoid piracy, scamming and thievery.   The High Ward is the highest up the trees there floats the flying tower of Huron and where the politics are done.


The town has a large population of Wood Elves, Humans and the largest Gnome population on the continent all races at least to a degree comfortable with being high up in the boughs. What few kenku exist on the continent find their way to this city. But these races exist mainly on the higher levels. On the lower levels the Lizard Folk, few tribes of Yuan-Ti and even some Merfolk and Tritons make their home close to the water and under it int he ruins of the drowned city.


The Government of Red Spider Lily is a council of Clan heads, Tribe leaders, wealthy of the city, the high standing and headed by Huron the Red. The Archmage is held in high regard for council and power.


High up in the trees and with plentiful Guard the city is the second most well-defended city on Far Reach.


The town has turned into a seeding place of adventurers. The dangerous waters below and the perilous Bayou offer no shortage of work and the Adventurers are happy to oblige. Fruit and simple vegetables are grown in the outside villages and brought in to trade for craftsman goods. Crocodiles, caymans, fish, and birds make up the bulk of the diet in Red Spider Lily.


Multiple craftsmen of all branches. The only working docks on Far Reach. A Dozen or so shops to accommodate any adventuring need.


Fish and prey plenty. And the most important asset of all the port which serves as the only route of communication with Far Reach.

Guilds and Factions

Adventurers Association in close ties with the local guild operate out of here. The Guild has found sizeable support from the Duke and prosper. The Black Spiders are seen from time to time, but are mostly absent. A rumour suggests that a branch of the Guild responsible for removing undesirables exist in the city, but noone was able to prove their existance.


Founded by Archmage Huron the Red the city is one of the most ancient on the continent. First founded as a pet project the city grew from a village into one of the most prominent touristic attractions of the continent and then into the only port city. Almost all of the city's history can be linked to Huron. When the flood came Huron's wards held the water at bay long enough for the majority of the population to remove themselves to safety. After the water began to recede a host of merfolk came onto Red Spider Lily demanding it's surrender. Huron denied them and face them with the city guard and the Lizard Folk tribes from around the Forrest. Covered in Abjuration spells and armed with magic the city guard and Lizard Folk headed by Huron drove the merfolk back into the ocean and chased them across the seafloor slaying many before signing a peace treaty.


Red Spider Lily is nothing exceptional, wooden houses and hovels built of redwood or driftwood to be sturdy and floating if another flood should occur.


Red Spider Lily is on the cusp where the Bayou meets the Sea.

Natural Resources

Wood from the forests, plentiful prey and fish.


Alternative Name(s)
Red City
Large town
600 (1000 with the surrounding villages.)


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