Pouch of Growth

A pouch of growth is a rather rare item to come across, it's a small leather pouch with druidic symbols burned into the leather that are imbued with druidic magic. the pouch has and interesting ability making it highly valued among farms and alchemists, any seed placed within the pouch for 24 hours can then be taken out and after 6 seconds the seed will then becomes fully grown planting it's roots it wherever it can. this item can be used to grow a crop field over night, regrow a forest or even as an instant fruit salad. the pouches leather is made from the skin of a giant elk which is then treated with a special oil and turned into leather, the skin is usually taken by the druids after they die of natural causes or killed by a hunter, the runes are created through a long ritual which requires several druids to perform after which the item is created.


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