Phurg's famous forges were extinguished as the wave covered it whole. Hundreds perished in the slums without an opportunity to escape. The Metallic Cohorts fled the city. Holding onto any weapons and supplies they could. The lake upon which Phurg was built now spilled over the lower wards of the city. Phurg is an abandoned city for at least 200 years now. The previously well mapped and widely explored caverns beneath the city once again fell into obscurity and the forces once held at bay by the city now roaming dangerously close to the surface.   The forges of Phurg were once used as seals to keep a Drow kingdom locked in the bowels of the earth for as long as possible. For 628 years that design worked, but now it is just a matter of time till the ash skinned elves emerge to the surface. The Black Spiders claim that they already saw some of the Drow, most tend not to believe them, in part for thinking that Drow are no more than a fairytale and in part for hoping that the already secretive and sinister guild are simply delirious, but in the higher circles of the Cohorts and adventurer Guilds preparations are already being made for a war with the Dark Elves, be they legend or real, because recently legends were proving to be quite real and deadly.


Mostly, Humans, though Phurg is had the largest Dragonkin populace primarily of metalic dragons who provided the arms for Xoran and Nilan cohorts.


Phurg was ruled directly by the church straight from Nila, with the city lord and his guards barely much beyond a figure head.


Layers of walls that can be used maybe for hiding from the cold. The magical wards have all but failed and the dragon headed ballista stand broken and useless.


The main industry of Phurg was the forging of weapons and artisan goods created from Red Spider Lily and Yroham imports. Though now, the eternal fire of the forges is going cold and expeditions delve into the undercity and beyond to discover any remains of the fairytale Drow and their treasures. But the amount of recovered technology, weaponry and manuscripts suggest that the Drow were a fair bit more than an ancient legend. But that is all in the past, now no industry exists in the city.


Watermills and windmills, sewers, courtyards, roads, bridges. And famous forges. Now everything stands in terrible ruin.


The silent legenadary forges and layers upon layers of walls.

Guilds and Factions

The city of Phurg had many guilds, the Noble Cohorts, the Whitewoods, the Guild, and even the sinister Black Spiders. Now only the Black Spiders survive, they still raid the caverns below for Drow trinkets.


Phurg was established on the site of a great battle. Where a hero of the old vanquished the armies of the Drow Queen. With the aid of Lersa, the hero sealed the Drow well beneath the lake of Phu. Atop of the hundreds of bodies of the slain the six great forges were built. Planned by an ancient Mage and built in a giant sealing sigil designed to lock the Drow below the earth for: "Well it'll work, you know for, maybe a thousand years if no one tampers with it..." The forges were meant to siphon the enchantment magics from the Drow caverns repurposing into the craft of weapons if another such war was to happen and the hero was not around to win it.   Phurg expanded rapidly and soon people rediscovered the caverns below the city and the lake. Amazed with the artifacts found beneath expeditions were launched. To enter sigils were tampered with accidentally or by twisted intent. When the Church took control of the city the sigil had less than half power in them and a certain Guild, The Black Spiders insisted on ever deeper expeditions and further destruction of the sigils to gain access to deeper levels of the caverns.   Those caverns were never reached, when the tsunami came the forges went out and the last sigils were broken.


Brick walls with wooden almost tiled roofs slanted to a central point. And great iron forges. Now most of this is in lies ruin.


Located ontop of a chasm into the Underdark a seal and a monument. Founded by an unnamed hero who had once been a martyr of The Church.

Natural Resources

Ores from the bowels of the earth, wood from forests and many unique and interesting magical trinkets from the ruins.


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