The City of Gems and Philosophy

Created by DOD Lucifer

The Towers of Pescexilium stand vigilant amidst the western frontier. The largest of them is known as the Gilded tower and atop it's decorated roof there are the eight statues of the city's leaders. The marble outer walls are adorned with calligraphy from the great minds that reside within and those who have passed.


Races: 25%: Humans 20%: Gnomes 20%: Elves 10%: Aasimar 10%: Dwarves 5%: Genasi 5%: Tieflings 4%: Kobolds 1%: Talkers ------- Wealth Classes: 1%: Ruling Class 10%: High Class 50%: Mid Class 30%: Low Class 9%: Refugees ------------- Professions: 50%: Tradesmen (Blacksmith, Tailor, Cobbler, etc.) 20%: Fishermen 15%: Philosophers/ Politicians 10%: Artists 5%: Clergy


The Gilded City is run by the Great Philosopher King Malak who is a benevolent and just ruler. Under his reign, Pescexilium has become the largest city in Western Oakvale due to it's flourishing trade routes. The most integral part of this prosperous city is the specialized blocs that make it all possible. The councilmen who are appointed by democratic vote each run an individual bloc. These blocs are divided into specialty and each bloc contributes to the overall efficiency of the city. The commercial district reveres the gods of mercantilism and aristocratic belief. Whereas the industrial bloc practices stoicism and practices realism as an art form.   It is very difficult to gain citizenship within the Gilded City and the process is undergone in the wayforts outside of the city. Those that can't enter the city are provided with amenities to cover their basic needs and shelters are provided for them. Several guild halls can be found in the wayforts willing to provide citizenship to their joining members for their fealty.


The Marble walls around Eidamir are surrounded by moats that are 10ft deep and 20ft across. The moats are not allowed to be swam in due to the plants that reside within known simply as assassin kelp that drag you down to the depths. The Pescexilium outer walls are dotted with defensive runes that trigger the spell gust of wind. For those that make it past the moat will find themselves falling into the dangerous waters below.


The workforce of Pescexilium has constructed eight large towers one in each bloc. The large thirty-foot walls that surround Pescexilium are made entirely of marble and are adorned with magical and mundane artwork. There is a contest once a year on Arun Sherath's birth month Tetor. The Festival spans the entirety of the month and all are allowed within the city walls to enjoy this wondrous event. The Sewer system of Pescexilium is an incredibly efficient one and many monstrous creatures are kept there to take care of the waste of the citizens and livestock. The roads of Pescexilium are made of granite cobblestone and lustrous stones covered in the artwork are not uncommon.


Pescexilium is known for it's fishing industry and because of this flourishing business the treasury has never known such a wealth.The Garrisons in Eidamir are well stocked with Half Plate or Full Plate for the Gilded Watchman. The Armory pumps out the signature blade known as the Estoc a large two handed blade that differs from conventional great swords. The weapon is used in a thrusting motion like a spear and is usually blessed by the Pescexilium's rune makers making them gleaming and unbreakable this is what gives the Gilded Watchmen their name.   The stores boast a range of products from Belton's tribal clothing and weaponry to Sollim's crystal lined finery. The harbor floods with buyers from multiple coastal cities that purchase fish, oil, and fertilizer (made from fish parts). Gold from foreign markets is displayed as ornate statues along the harbor walls that roar to life to protect the city.   The Aristocrats live in decadent homes along the inner walls in order to be closer to the magical defense constructs. The wealthy of Pescexilium usually boast a personal guard as well taken from their personal blocs and some lords are known to take in refugees as guards and servants.

Alternative Name(s)
The Gilded City
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