Nila founded by Aurelian Lor together with the Church. Initially a monastery it quickly grew combining elven and human architecture. Giant towers of ivory and pavilions of marble pillars all settled in a valley beneath waterfalls. Nila became the religious center of the continent and the seat of the 12 popes over 500 years. Many theological and philosophical discoveries were made there. Hundreds of revelations unveiled by the gods to their believers. Nila also slowly gained an arcane school. Dogged, but persistent the arcanists carved out a tower for themselves and lived alongside the chroniclers and priests, restricted and seen as second class citizens they persisted amassing knowledge in their spire.   Never besieged, never taken Nila would be an idyllic city of worship until the waves came.   Nila seemed like the only bastion against the destruction. Until the underground lake below it rose, bursting out the sewers and sinking the Lower Spires, The Great temples and the Common Ward as well as the Lake Ward. The Lake became the Nilans prison, those who could, fled. Most were stranded on the spires without escape, hundreds of Holy relics, texts, and great discoveries perishing there.


Arcanists and wizards of all races and persuasions.


A council of Archmages keeps the order.   Archmage of Divination Solus Kern   Archmage of Enchantment and Illusion Girsa Hum Yeandou   Archmage of Necromancy Serekh   Archmage Militant Gissandriel Awok   Archmage of Conjuration Gilbert Longshaw


The conclave militant, 17 wizard of varying power.


No trade. Extensive arcane research.


Nila is the home to the largest arcane laboratories and libraries.


A college of mages numbering around 200. Large Libraries, labrotories and ritualistic set ups for the wizards.

Guilds and Factions

All schools of arcane magic find representation here. Among the distinguished or the bizarre there are: The Conclave Militant: Lead by Gissandriel Awok this conclave is responsible for the protection of Nila and recovery of lost artifacts beneath the lake. The Necromantic Conclave: A strange and controversial conclave of mages bent on discovering the secrets of returning the dead to life. The Conjuration Circle: Is a group of Mages who work with summoning Demons to discover how they may close the rift in the Sword Edge's Chasm.


Founded with the church Nila became the epicenter of religious, theological and philosophical research. Later in its history, an association of spellcasters asked the Pope for a place within the city to live and research arcane matters, reluctant at first the pope agreed and soon enough the ebony spire of was formed where the mages would do their research and conduct rituals. Considered largely second class citizens they were never respected and when the waves came they could not evacuate. Now they are the last living people in Nila having survived and inherited the city after the flood.


The combination of Ivory and Marble spires with dozens of temples at the floor of those spires. Decorative colonnades and sharp roofs are prevalent at the foot of the spires.


Located in a valley at the base of the mountain range of the North in Far Reach.

Natural Resources

Extensive mine systems now filled with water and unusable.

AL 105

Alternative Name(s)
City of Light
Inhabitant Demonym
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