Though known by other names, like Ir Illiath, outside of the nine, Mah'Lo, the lone island, the central island, the jewel within the calamity, it is the seat of power for the island nation of Gyohdo. Time and again in the past outsiders have come seeking to claim the island as theirs, unaware of the dangers known to those that are native to them. Due to these dangers no outsider has ever returned to the land from once they hailed… save for one, though the natives come and go from Mah’Lo to the other islands as they please, though they rarely go anywhere save the other islands as in general the inhabitants of the main view the politics and happenings of the mainland as unimportant to them.   The few outsiders that indeed made it to the shores of Mah’Lo either died struggling to eek out a living in the doomed twin outposts, eventually known as Skellig, a name the mainlanders have for the island itself as well… or integrated into the society of the Island. As for those that failed to make it to the shores of Mah’Lo they met their end from one of the five dangers that surround the island. Whether it be the rough waters, the massive reefs, the rocky waters, the massive whirlpool systems, or the mist that covers the waters around the island for nine years once a century. The ships that failed to make it to the coast of the island forming massive ship graveyards on one of the atolls created by the reefs, a dark signal for any seafarer to witness.   The Islanders have their own way around the mist, a series of teleportation circles known as “The Breachway”. The primary hub of The Breachway is found in Sa’Ir, the capitol of Mah’Lo and the entire Gyohdo Empire. Travel via this method is highly restricted though, with only the Priests of Alessim allowed to see and know the symbols that form the circles, and the government charging upwards a thousand gold for usage of them for personal reasons.  


  Church of Alessia   A cult-like religion known as the followers of the Alessia the Cataclysm is prominent on the island, especially in the towns of Mi’Ita and Mi’Cren, worshipers of a supposed primordial being that rests in the seas surrounding the Island. In their beliefs it is the movement of the primordial once every hundred years that creates the mist that surrounds the island. No Islander has ever had the desire to test whether this being exists in the seas around their island, a few outsiders have tried, but none ever heard from them again strengthening the belief of the cult.     Disciples of Ilta   Another unique cult-like religion is the Disciples of Ilta, though they believe that Ilta Tyro the founder of the Gyohdo Empire, and first Sovereign Imperious of the islands became a goddess upon her death. Shrines of her are seen around the other islands, though the most devout followers of her live on the main island of Mah’Lo. It is their belief that the ancient ruler still watches over them, shepherding her people as a goddess.  
MAJOR LOCATIONS   Skellig   The ruins of two failed outposts on the island originally named Sketh and Rellig. The twin outposts bear a grim message for those that fail to know the dangers of the island.     Mi'Ita   A coastal town where many of the islands nobles live. It is very lush and vibrant and is known to be a place many islanders go to relax and recover.     Mi'Cren   A major fishing hub on the coast of the main island. Mi'Cren is the biggest port town on the Island.     Sa'Ir   The capitol of the islands of Gyohdo and home to the Throne of the Nine. Until 1564 it was reigned over by the Tyro family, though with Antiv Tyro’s death and their lack of heirs the throne is now unoccupied.     Sa'Tirim   A town hidden in the tropical jungle on the island. Those that live their distance themselves even from the rest of the islanders.


While the northern half of the island is covered with a hilly tropical rain forest, the southern half is plains-lands where farms and ranches are in abundance. The coast of the Island is where most of the cities lay, where several nobles actually have homes on the beachfront, especially in Mi'Ita where the blue sand beach makes the ocean seem to envelop the land.

Natural Resources

Tropical Lumber from the Jungle that covers the northern half of the island, the Islanders are conservational harvesters of lumber, planting five new trees for every 1 felled. Two special kinds of wood can be found in the jungle, Ironwood which is a denser more durable wood and Elawood a very pliable nigh unbreakable wood that makes for better bows.   Sheep, Domestic Boars, Goats, Giant Capybara and Alpaca from the ranches on the southern half of the island as well as Wild Boars, deer and large cats, alongside Wild Birds, Reptiles, and Amphibians throughout the island.   Wheat, Rice, Corn, and Purple Potatoes are grown for grains and starches, with various melons and gourd fruit as well. The Island also has a plenty of both farmed and wild Citrus fruit trees, Dragonfruit, Papaya, Mango, Starfruit, Pineapples, Coconuts, and Bananas are also plentiful.   The seas surrounding the Island is teeming with life, an abundance of seafood is also present for the island.   Coral is harvested from the numerous reefs that surround the island.   Sapphires, Aquamarines, Quartz, and Turqoise are found all over near the blue beaches of Mi'Ita. The beaches are also home to Fulgurite, and the brilliant blue Fulgurite of Mi'Ita are considered to be exquisite.   The hilly cliffs and mounds in the jungle are home to deposits of Mithril, Silver, and Platinum, as well as some containing a natural gas one of which exists below the Crescent Forge.


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