Magic Ore

Magic ores are crystalline ores filled with unstable magical energy, the are often uses as cores in golems or by blacksmiths to forge magical weapons and other objects but only after the difficult process of refining them which in of it's self is a difficult task and highly dangerous. in it's natural state magic ore is extremely unstable causing all sorts of strange effects if disturbed. them can create a tree that grows cheese, manifest creatures from nothing, cause the dead to rise and perform a jig or even create portals to other dimensions with a multitude of other crazy effects as well so touch them at you own risk. This unstable material is only ever found in place where extremely powerful spells were performed and it's believed that these crystalline ores are the left over energy from them but how ever they work these ores are extremely valuable and dangerous, do not try to handle this substance without the proper protection or you might end up as a flying newt or be teleported to the underdark or even worse.


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