The city rises above the planes horizon a bastion of civilization on the wiped continent. Walls of marble tarnished with soot and grime of a two-month siege and mended in half a dozen places stand the silent guardians and witness of the city. Inside the walls civilization thrives, craftsmen, work any material known on Far Reach to produce truly fascinating goods. Taverns and inns operate through the noisy nights. Order and prosperity reign. But under the steel fist of the Metallic Cohorts and the Gladiators Guild. After the demonic invasion, the city had experienced an influx of new religions and freshly baked messiahs leading the people to follow one god or another. Two religions tend to stick. The worship of Helm as the god of protection and a newer religion following the teachings of a god from the Nine Hells.


Humans, elves, dragonkin, minotaurs, gnomes and a few dwarves and halflings.


After the decline of the Gladiators, the Metallic Cohorts hold power.


Kort of defended by 6 Metallic Cohorts, 100 gladiators, and the magic weaved by the sorcerers of the tower.


The industry of Kort is almost entirely dependant on the craftsmen as there are very few natural resources around Kort and it relies on imports from the villages around Xora for bread, on Red Spider Lily for meats and on Yroham for Ale. In exchange Kort controls the remaining mines and is easily the has the best metal works.


All commodities of modern life can be found in Kort. But the highlights are the gladiatorial arenas.


Gladiator Academies and the Tower of Sorcerers.

Guilds and Factions

The Tower of Sorcerers. The Gladiator's Guild. Church of Helm. Church of the Nine Hells.


Kort was founded as a prison with large gladiator rings for the prisoners to fight in. The founding of Kort the city can be largely attributed to Ruso Fellhand. The minotaur was imprisoned in a monastery for thirty years, learning martial arts beyond what was deemed possible even by the monks there. He broke out and slaughtered his way through the monks escaping. Caught only later the minotaur was put into the pits of Kort to fight. Upon his first combat, the Minotaur set the Far Reach record slaying 163 combatants in one battle. A Church official who was a great fanatic of such battles found the minotaur to be his new best source of entertainment. From that moment the pits became entertainment rather than just a prison. And in another 200 years, the champions of the arena were elevated to the social class of the Gladiator. Free first class citizens of Kort who also served as its principal defense. When the waves hit, Kort accommodated the Metallic Cohorts and most refugees providing defense and minimum amounts of food. Under the direction of the Metallic Cohorts, the refugees built circles of shanty towns around the walls of Kort. Then the demons came. Those who could withdrew to the city those who couldn't perished slowly in the maws and claws of the abyssal beasts. The hundreds of well-trained gladiators went to battle upon the demon invasion, warriors, not soldiers, never taught to fight in ranks or with coherent strategy and tactics they quickly found employ as distraction troops for the Metallic Cohorts. Fighting the demons in the streets and disrupting breaches or even simply climbing down the walls during the day to slaughter who they could in the nightmarish hosts. But all these operations came at immense risk, only around a hundred gladiators remain. While the gladiators died in their hundreds the Metallic Cohorts won the war grinding the demonic hosts to dust on the walls of Kort.


Kort was a simple prison complex, but now boasts architecture of masters through 600 years of culture. Elven spires mix with human cottages and dragonkin stone masonry.


Located in a natural basin in the lands, Kort is heavily fortified.

Natural Resources

It is known to sit on a mass of iron and coal ores which has resulted in smithing being a profession more common in Kort.
Alternative Name(s)
The Bloodied City
760 (Civilian population)
Inhabitant Demonym
Owning Organization
The Metallic Cohorts.


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